Local SEO is a powerful marketing tool that has the potential to drive relevant traffic to your businesses’ website. There is no black hat magic when it comes to ranking a website. Google wants to provide users with the best results possible, meaning your web pages need to directly correspond to what the searcher is looking for. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that can bring in tremendous results when done correctly. If you want to have an effective local SEO campaign, you first need to identify the keywords your customers are using to search for your services.

Here’s an idea of how people can search for local services:

  • “New York + (service)
  • “(Services) in New York”
  • “(Services) near me”
  • “Best NYC (Services)”

While all of these variations contain similar search terms, they each receive different amounts of search volume per month. When your brand appears for multiple keywords, you increase your brand awareness, as well the chances of your website getting clicks.

Each of your web pages needs to be optimized with title tags, meta tags, and internal links that tell the user and Google what your content is about. User Experience is also something that gets taken into account, so make sure your website loading speed is quick and smooth. A slow website can ruin your bounce rate and force users to check out your competitors instead.

You can establish your brand identity across all of the popular social media platforms. The most common social networks to promote your business on are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (B2B). Be sure to connect with local influencers to establish partnerships where you can cross promote each other’s content.

Most companies by now have already claimed a Facebook page in 2018. You don’t need to be a social media expert, but you should make sure you keep your page active by posting at least once a week. Keeping your pages optimized and active will make sure they remain in Google’s index.

According to the NYC local SEO experts at NYC Serp, customers are more likely to make a purchase from a business after reading a positive review. Reviews are a great way to leave a positive first impression on a potential new client.

Not only do reviews help increase your conversion rate, but they also send positive trust signals to Google. The best platforms to collect reviews on are Google, Facebook, and Yelp. There may be some niche related platforms you could consider signing up for as well. Having 5 star reviews can also increase your chances of appearing in the Google local pack.

Nowadays, most searches are taking place on mobile phones and tablets. It’s important to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile search. Having two different versions of the same web pages can create issues such as a duplicate content penalty. You can also list your phone number directly on your site so people can tap the number and place a call instantly.

Content will always be king in the SEO industry. It’s by far the best way to get people and bloggers to mention your brand on the internet. It is recommended to develop a powerful piece of long form content, such as an infographic or a skyscraper blogpost. These types of content have the ability to bring in additional shares and traffic to your website. The best way to build engagement with your blog is to talk about problems your potential clients may be facing. As long as these post offers value, people will read them and interact with your site. Even if they don’t convert the first time, they’ll remember the information they got from you. You can capitalize on your blog posts by building an e-mail list that customers can subscribe to and offer them discounts while promoting your content.

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