Want to offer hosting packages to your customers without the complex and costly sourcing as well as skipping the configuration of hosting hardware and software? With cheapest reseller hosting, you can offer services that rely on existing infrastructure (your parent host) while still providing an excellent hosting experience to your customers.

The reseller hosting business is blooming and is dedicated to providing more adaptive hosting services. Hence, a majority of people prefer reseller hosting services instead of diving into the basics and starting their own web hosting company from scratch. 

In this guide, we will explore MilesWeb’s reseller hosting services, see their plans, and do a detailed analysis of their plans. So, let’s go for it!

Reseller Hosting: Overview

Simply put, reseller hosting allows you to buy multiple hosting packages and then sell them to customers. Hosting services are provided by the company you purchase your hardware and software from.You can then brand the services as your own and take care of the business side for your clients. In self-managed web hosting plans, you will be responsible for customer support, billing, and distributing products to customers as needed. While the hosting company still covers the physical part of the deal, you take on the role of hosting for your customers.

Reseller hosting is an ideal solution for web-based companies with active customers. Here, the companies can sell web hosting services alongside their existing offerings to increase their profitability and keep customers loyal to the business.

For example, if you sell web development or design services, your customers are likely looking for hosting. So, you can resell the package to meet all their needs without having to invest in and maintain the accompanying infrastructure. This way, your customers will stay loyal to you and find all their needs under one roof. 

MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting Services

MilesWeb’s reseller website hosting plans offer features designed to empower businesses. With their plans, you get scalability and management. You can host limitless domain names with ample storage built on SSD NVMe drives, and limitless bandwidth ensures smooth performance for all of your customers. No matter what the number of visitors to your site, their user-friendly cPanel and WHM provide asset management and traffic handling. 

Seamless utility management and top-notch safety are also their key elements. Their plan comes with Softaculous, which lets in one-click installation of famous apps like WordPress, while capabilities like unlimited databases, email accounts, and SSL certificates make certain your clients have the sources they want. They also offer advanced WordPress management to cater to customers with complicated needs, presenting features like acceleration, multisite functionality, staging equipment, and automatic updates.

MilesWeb offers backups and security features, including a Web Application Firewall, malware scanner, DDoS protection, and Secure Access Manager, to keep their user’s websites safe. Additionally, 24/7/365 customer support, 99.95% uptime, and a 30-day money-back guarantee make them a reliable provider and provide peace of mind for you and your customers. With MilesWeb’s complete reseller website hosting capabilities, you will have a successful website hosting business.

Top Features Offered By MilesWeb:

  • 100% White-Label Hosting
  • Latest cPanel 
  • Custom Branding
  • Unlimited SSL Certificate
  • Upgrade on Pro Rata Basis
  • Two-Factor Authentication 

Is MilesWeb Good for My Reseller Hosting Needs?

Choosing the ideal reseller hosting provider defines how successful your reseller hosting can be. Since you are planning to become a reseller, you need to get the most top-rated features in your reseller plans so that you can cater to your clients prolifically. We have analyzed the reseller hosting services of MilesWeb. What makes them unique is their competitive pricing, starting at just $4 per month. Even their renewal costs are not high, unlike any other hosting provider in the industry.

They also offer the best WHMCS tool, which officially costs $24.95 per month at just $20/mo. Therefore, they are the recommended choice for businesses that have high active customer counts. Their customer support and money-back guarantees add to the trust factor, so you can start easily.

Let’s Conclude

The reseller hosting business is an easy-to-start business that does not require you to have deep technical expertise. Even with basic knowledge, you can start reselling hosting services and establish your brand name. 

MilesWeb offers various reseller plans that potentially meet the demands of various businesses. In this blog, we have analyzed their services, plan costs, top features, and why one should consider them. 

However, you can get hands-on experience with them by visiting their official website. For more research, you can compare their services and pricing with those of other competitors. Even though their plans are cheap, MilesWeb doesn’t compromise on quality or features. 


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