Web hosting is primarily the place where a blog or a website stays on the internet. Before tackling the question “between HostGator and BlueHost, which one is the best?” it is important we first understand why professional web hosting is necessary yet there are so many free web hosting programs. 

There is one simple explanation. All the free web hosting programs have the right to remove your website from their servers without giving you notice. Also, in case a free web hosting program shuts down their services, your website or blog goes down with them.

Choosing the right professional web hosting service provider from a bunch of them could be a big challenge. DreamHost, BlueHost and HostGator are the top three most recommended companies.

Below is BlueHost Vs HostGator comparison. 

  1. Performance and Reliability. 

These two are the best and also the most recommended companies for web hosting due to their performances. Both BlueHost and HostGator give uptime guarantee up to 99.9%.

HostGator websites are hosted on high-quality Dual Xeon servers at their centers located in Dallas. These Data Centers are properly equipped and linked to ten backbone providers.

BlueHost utilizes CPU separation technology which can efficiently control CPU and keep your site safe from bad users. Additionally, HostGator spends a lot of money yearly in technology to improve on their performances.

  1. Uptime Comparison between HostGator and BlueHost. 

Website downtime is a bad experience for web visitors. As mentioned earlier, BlueHost and HostGator provide 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, monitoring results from two websites one hosted by HostGator and the other one hosted by BlueHost show that in one minute, HostGator had only one outage in seven days, while in a total of 51 minutes, BlueHost had experienced 11 outages.

  1. Response time – BlueHost Vs HostGator 

Test results on the time both web hosters took to respond shows that, it took 1.2 seconds to load for a website hosted on HostGator and 5.4 seconds for a BlueHost hosted site.

  1. Speed comparison between HostGator and BlueHost. 

Speed is an essential factor to think about when picking a web hosting company. Using two sites hosted on BlueHost and Hostgator respectively to test speed, results showed that site hosted on BlueHost loads roughly 50% slower than the one hosted on HostGator.

  1. Customer Support 

Having a great team of support staff is essential for web hosting companies. When your servers are faced with problems, the support staff should be able to deal with it immediately to counter site downtime.

In both HostGator and BIueHost, provide customer support around the clock. You can reach them by either creating a ticket, make a phone call or by simply using their live chat feature. Both companies also have Email support.

  1. User Interface 

Both HostGator and BIueHost have a great user interface. Having a control panel which is easy to use is very crucial, especially for new users and people who have no idea how to install web scripts like Joomla and WordPress.

BlueHost and HostGator have first-rate security to their control panel to ensure your files are secure from hackers and viruses.

HostGator provides a customized control panel which is quite easy to understand. This shows that HostGator is more focused on satisfying their customers.

  1. Features and Pricing 

BIueHost has three plans known as starters, plus and business plan. HostGator on the other hand also provides three plans. Known as Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business pan. These hosting companies change their plan prices regularly. It is advisable you check on their respective sites for updated prices.

HostGator or BlueHost? My Recommendation 

Based on the above comparisons, HostGator is better than BlueHost in performance.

Why HostGator?

  • HostGator has hosting plans for one month at $0.01
  • At HostGator, there is no risk of your money getting lost. They offer a money back guarantee of 45 days.
  • HostGator’s highly efficient support team is available around the clock.
  • They have an easy to use control panel for beginners
  • HostGator’s websites load faster than BlueHost
  • Their uptime guarantee of 99.9% will ensure that your readers will not have a bad experience.
  • You can SAVE BIG with the various discount coupon codes at HostGator.






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