WooCommerce Themes

Welcome to our WooCommerce Themes page
Here you will find listed, all themes compatible with the #1 WordPress eCommerce solution.
We have both free, freemium and premium themes for WooCommerce, and we are happy to assist any ninja with installation help, setup, plugin or theme specific questions.
eCommerce with WooCommerce
WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, that adds a complete shop solution that works with numerous plugins, payment modules and themes. WooThemes are the developers, and if you haven’t heard about them, you haven’t been in the world of WordPress for very long.
There’s also Jigoshop, and some controversies existing here, but let’s not get into that.
When you install WooCommerce, you will be asked to setup new pages. Basically, there are “My account” “Cart” “Shop” and so on. These pages work on a theme override level, and basically inject some WooCommerce magic, thus bringing it to life!
Using free themes, not all themes support WooCommerce out of the box, and you will often find notice messages regarding this issue, however, more often than not, WooCommerce will display just fine with any random free theme, with the occasional site breaking down completely.