They say a picture says a thousand words. Still, you really don’t know how accurate the saying is until you can only text or call your friends, rather than sharing your experiences with them in real life. Snapchat is a messaging platform that allows its users to send and receive videos, pictures, messages, and more. With just a simple click of the button, you can share your real-time experiences with the world without needing to say anything at all. How cool is that?! Here are a few of Snapchat’s features that make it a worthwhile application.

Self-Destructing Photos

When you want to keep your friends engaged with your content, you need to catch their attention. Snapchat has a function with which you can set a timer for your photos and videos. Once the timer’s done, the photo disappears. Perhaps you want to send a risky picture to your crush, but don’t want to give them the chance to screenshot it, so you set the timer for 2 seconds. Or, maybe you want your friends to keep on opening the things you send, so you set a timer for 6 seconds to make them want more.

Besides, self-destructing photos are a great way to protect your privacy, as they won’t appear again. While there is a “playback” option, even this function only works once.


Always wanted to know what you would look like as the other gender? Or maybe you are curious about the way you would look with tattoos, piercings, or cat ears. Snapchat has a vast collection of filters you can use by yourself or with a friend. Swap faces or enlarges your eyes and mouth. Anything is possible, and it’s guaranteed to be hilarious.


What’s trending right now? Snapchat has a discovery page on which you can stay informed about the current news, local events, and updates on celebrities you admire. Each page contains short amounts of texts or timed videos that tell you the most important details within seconds. Besides, there are also plenty of entertainment videos showing you delicious recipes to try, makeup tutorials or helpful life hacks to keep you busy. What more do you want?

Getting to Know Others

Lastly, Snapchat is also a great platform to get to know different people. All you need to do is to add their username to your friend list, and you can send them pictures and see their stories. If you are unsure of who to add, you can search snapchat usernames to find like-minded people to connect with. You can look for people based on location, age, interests, and more. So, go out there and have fun!


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