We have written a lot of articles over the years, detailing how online businesses can help improve their digital marketing techniques and online presence by a variety of methods, but we haven’t touched too much on the topic of what to do with your customers, and how to keep them happy once you got them. The same applies for how to handle an eCommerce store, logistically and administratively, so today we are writing on the topic of packaging items and products safely, whether you’ve sold them on eBay, your own eCommerce store or somewhere else is not the point here.

Keeping returns and damaged goods to a minimal

If you have many orders, it is crucial that your products arrive in intact condition, and that they do not get damaged as a result of poor or inappropriate protection. For while we all know how ruthless the postal service can be in handling and treating packages, many times with good protection this damage could be avoided, even if the postal officer throws the package. Product protection ensures both you and your customers the best experience with the shipment as there are avoided damaged items and therefore complaints. Among other things, we have made a list of the best ways to protect your goods and shipping. You will find such items as bubble wrap, air cushions, corrugated cardboard and box fillers, PVC boxes, PVC plastic boxes, plastic boxes, PET boxes, PVC packaging boxes, along with other forms of wrapping and packaging to ensure an optimal protection of your goods during the time of transport.

Keep stuffing that box

You get the most protection for your goods by ensuring that the content cannot move inside it’s container. Therefore, use a strong and suitable outer box, such as a PVC box, and use plenty of lining material, bubble wrap or newspaper can both work well, so that your goods are fixed during handling and transport. For particularly fragile objects such as electronics, glass, pottery and works of art, it is also important that each item is wrapped separately so that it does not come into direct contact with other objects, and silk paper can be the first choice for sensitive items as it has special properties that neutralizes any unwanted chemical reactions from touch for instance.

Keep your goods away from the corners

When a cardboard box is damaged it is often the corners that take the most damage, as they are the most vulnerable. Therefore, when you are packing your products try to create a buffer layer all around the corners, sides, top and bottom of the box. This way, your item should be fixed in the middle of the box, with a layer of protection all around it on all sides. Ensure good lining of the box so that the contents are protected from shaking and vibration. For the slightly heavier products, besides an extra lining, we recommend also the use of a PVC plastic box which has better stacking and tensile strength than cardboard boxes.


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