Drink driving cases (otherwise known as a DUI) are all too common in Australia and occurs when the driver or attempted driver of a motor vehicle is under the influence of alcohol. There are different allowable limits to how much alcohol can be consumed while driving and this is measured by the amount of alcohol in the blood stream, otherwise known as the Blood Alcohol Level (BAC). BAC levels are different for P Platers vs. a fully licensed driver, and may be zero for those who operate large machinery like a truck. DUI cases are a specialised field so it imperative to find a drink driving lawyer in Melbourne.

A great drink driving lawyer in Melbourne will be professional, courteous, practical and have a strong commitment to their client. A client’s personal circumstance will be professional relayed to the Magistrate by the lawyer with the intention of receiving the lowest penalty possible. Even if a client does not intend to fight the charges, it is still important to seek out professional help to avoid harsh penalties. Good solicitors understand that everyone deserves to have a fair representative to review the evidence and claims made against them. No matter the circumstance, seeking a drink driving lawyer is the best option when facing a DUI charge.

A solicitor can help with understanding legislation

Legislation describes a law that has been put into place by a legislature such as parliament. Legislative law is a high form of law and will more often than not override other types of law. In layman’s terms, there are different pieces of law for different situations, and drink driving cases have their own set of rules. Seeking the help of a drink driving lawyer in Melbourne can help people understand that legislation. There are different penalties that apply to different pieces of legislation and are influenced by different factors.

These factors can be the type of vehicle that was driven under the influence, age of the driver, the type of licence held by the driver and if they have had previous convictions. The level of BAC will play a part, as will if speeding has also occurred. Laws also change between states so what applied to say Perth may not apply to Melbourne. As this is a highly specialised field that has a variety of different rules, it is important to seek out a professional to represent the driver in court.

Understanding the consequences

A great attorney can help their client as well as their loved ones understand the potential consequences. As mentioned above, there are different factors that will influence the outcome. The driver may be required to have a zero-blood alcohol level for a certain period of time after the sentence. The driver may also or alternatively be required to use an interlock system in their car, which will only allow them to drive if they are below a certain level. This is, however, frowned upon by some as many know that people will simply get others to blow into the interlock system for them. It is common for the driver to have their licence suspended or immediately cancelled.

There are ways to contend this based on circumstances such as needing to drive to work, however, these contentions are becoming harder and harder to get put through. Fines may be issued, with the price of the fine depending on the severity of the case. For extremely severe cases, usually, when other charges are also being looked at, imprisonment can occur. It is important for a client to be aware of all of the possible outcomes, and to be mentally and financially prepared for the worst-case scenario. A great solicitor will help the client understand these outcomes will best prepare them for what to do after the consequences have taken place.

At the end of the day, law is tricky business and it can be foolish to not find the best criminal lawyer Melbourne. A DUI charge needs to be taken very seriously as the court room is no joke. There can be dire consequences, especially if a judge sees that someone is not taking the charges seriously. It is not the job of a lawyer to pass judgement on their client, they are simply there to fairly represent them, and to ensure the best outcome is made. A great attorney will have their clients best interests at heart and will do everything in their power to educate, to fight and to prepare for all outcomes that may occur.


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