On average one third of a person’s life is spent working. For a great many of us that time will be spent in office environments, dedicating approximately forty hours each week to our jobs – that’s eight hours a day spent in the office.

A good office environment embraces the fact that working is a huge component of our lives and the time we spend in an office is important as they become a home away from home. And just like at home, furnishings play a key part in building a happy and pleasant environment where people thrive.

So how do you pick the best office furniture for your employees? There are a few things you need to consider…

Layout of your office

First of all, get that tape measure out! Space is an important factor. After all, you could pick the sleekest, trendiest items of office furniture only to find out it won’t fit in the room. And you can’t exactly ask your staff to work in the car park! When looking at office furniture, the tape measure can be your best friend. You want to make sure the furniture selected fits the space you have available.

Think about the layout of the office – will the furniture fit to the current layout? Do you have room to play around and maybe change the layout? Does the furniture help with the flow of the office? Or will these new desks prevent anyone from reaching the photocopier?

Think about what kind of office environment you have and its needs. There are very different furniture requirements needed for a standard cubicle office desk as opposed to say, a meeting room or boardroom table. What about multifunction or breakout spaces? Maybe a couple of sofa’s would be better suited for a breakout space over some normal office chairs? 

We all want to be in beautiful surroundings, but choosing aesthetically pleasing office furniture that doesn’t fit with the company’s image may make the office feel a little out of place. Think about the company, think about the brand.

Choose office furniture that not only looks good but can also represent the business. This is especially important if your office has a reception area, where visitors are greeted and may spend some time waiting.

Whilst we want the office furniture to look good, it also has to be functional and practical. What benefit does nice looking furniture have if it’s ultimately prohibitive to the employees having to use it? Choosing the best office furniture means choosing items that can make an employee’s life easier. Consider storage.

Think of how the furniture can help declutter and keep an office tidy. Think about the equipment an employee needs – does the furniture allow easy access? Can the employee maintain an orderly environment without having a desk full of papers? How does the furniture enhance office organisation? Is the furniture easy to keep clean? 


A happy employee is a productive employee. And a productive employee is comfortable. When selecting office furniture, particularly chairs – comfort is key. This doesn’t mean choosing recliners with built-in massage functions, but rather safe and adjustable ergonomic equipment that will not cause employees aches, pains and discomfort.

As a minimum, an office workers’ chair should be adjustable in terms of height, back rest, seat-pan adjustment and lumbar support. If you have any concerns about providing ergonomically supportive equipment for your employees, it’s best to consider consulting with an ergonomics specialist who can make sure the furniture you select is safe for your employees to use day in and day out.

Ultimately your office furniture is an investment. Your investment has to be within budget, so it’s worth considering a few different suppliers to compare on costs. There are good office chairs wholesale offers that you can take advantage of to save money.

Autonomous is an office furniture company that offers many wholesale offers for businesses looking to buy office furniture in bulk like their wholesale office desk offers. Making a good quality investment by selecting high quality products will always be better in the long run.

Rather than cut corners and buy cheap, think about selecting furniture that is durable and long lasting. This will also save you the headache of ordering in a new desk or filing cabinet every six months! The better the build quality, the longer it will last, and the more cost efficient it will be.


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