Alongside the many Cryptocurrency forums currently online, CryptoInTalk has been growing rapidly since Ako Stark created it in 2017. This well-known forum has grown in popularity, mostly due to its connecting the Bitcoin community together on one platform.

Created in late November, the CryptoInTalk platform comes from its creator’s drive to push through negative community feedback from other crypto-communities. The end goal was to create something valuable to people looking for real, comprehensive crypto insights.

What was the motivation behind this community? Stark himself said of his forum: “There are many forums out there. But when you are part of other communities, it’s easy to feel like you’re not a part of them at all. CryptoInTalk is a forum where you are a part of what’s going on.”

He continued. “For example when you go on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll get on it every day, checking to see whats new, search or learn something. You log on to get inspired. You feel like you are a part of the community. When it came to cryptocurrency communities, it just didn’t give me the same feeling. Not because they were bad, they had plenty of information. It just didn’t make me feel like I was a part of it.”

CryptoInTalk: A Home For Crypto Enthusiasts

While Stark researched other communities, another shortcoming of traditional forums quickly became clear: none of them carried Altcoins. “As Bitcoin’s popularity rose, other companies began developing other cryptocurrencies. These alternative coins (or altcoins) were gaining in popularity and interest, with no place to connect with the cryptocurrency community.”

And so, the idea was born to bring these communities together and offer interested users a chance to connect. From December to November, CryptoInTalk hosted over 900 Altcoin forum communities, while other forums carried around two-to-three major cryptocurrencies apiece.

The platform set itself apart by allowing altcoins to form their own communities on the platform.

A Success Story

Ako Stark (known within crypto-communities as a “Search Engine Wizard”) is no small hitter in the cryptosphere. His ability to rank any website for any keyword on the first page of Google has earned him a reputation within the industry. An SEO expert for many years, he’s experienced massive success, helping several big-name companies dominate their competition.

Of course, success like that takes time and a lot of hard work. Stark worked day and night on ranking the crypto-communities associated with his website, honing his skills. Once his keywords made it to the first page, the website audience almost immediately quadrupled. More and more people became part of the community, and even more, began contributing to the community.

The community began to feel like exactly what Stark had aimed for: a home for crypto enthusiasts everywhere.

Of course, nothing lasts forever. Members began to release more altcoins in early 2018. Stark made the tough decision to crack down on communities where altcoins brought no benefit to the public, resulting in the termination of over 900 communities. This move was strategic, and designed to create a safer space where users wouldn’t feel targeted or overwhelmed.

The end result? A streamlined CryptoInTalk community with only forty major active cryptocurrencies and a thriving community.

News, Updates, and Future Goals

Sitting on top of a massive community months later, Ako Stark confirms that there are some massive updates coming to Cryptointalk forums in the next few months. Most notably, implementing a fully-fledged marketplace, where users can buy or sell digital products with cryptocurrencies. This is in direct response to calls from many forum users, who’ve called feverishly for this update.

It is not yet confirmed when exactly this update will be dropped, but details will follow.

“CryptoInTalk is still a new platform and has begun earning its reputation across all major search engines. With this speed behind it, it will soon become the leading cryptocurrency forum community, reuniting everyone from investor to crypto enthusiast in a single community”.


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