If you have been in the marketing business for long, you know that it can transform your company and its good fortune. When it comes to content marketing, the same rules apply but the only difference is that you’re reeling in customers by appealing to them through your words. Creativity is essential for content marketing but sometimes it can be a little difficult to be creative, especially if you stick to a few topics in your content. Though there are many content creation tips out there, it can be challenging to decide what advice to follow and which to let go of. The truth is that though creating content does require creativity, you don’t necessarily need something fit for Vogue for it to become viral.

When you’re creating content, the one thing you need to remember is that you aren’t just writing pieces for your blog or SEO purposes. Good content will be shared through social media and this is why it is all the more essential for it to be fresh, reputable and easy to read. When planning your content marketing strategies, you need to strike a balance between sounding creative or marketable. This can be tough because it’s not easy to be creative especially when you want to sell something or promote a product/service.

What is a Captivating Copy?

Before we start talking about the tips that you can use to make your content engaging and creative, you need to know why it is necessary for you to create such content. Great content provides a lot of value to your products and allows you to spread your message across social platforms. A well written copy that engages its reader has the power to influence and can even make audience loyal to the brand that they’re reading about.

A captivating content isn’t necessarily one with original ideas. Creative content isn’t about writing on a topic from scratch. In fact, the best and most creative content is that where its author has drawn inspiration from other sources and combined them to create something amazing and spectacular. If you want consumers to love your post and content, you must write about topics relevant to your business and market. The topics you’re highlighting though your writing must be important so they stick to the reader’s mind even after they finish reading it.

Always remember to write about something that sparks an instant interest with the consumer because in the end, that is all that matters.

What Are The Rules Of Creating Engaging Content?

If you have ever read something that interests you on the internet, you know that it is has a convincing introduction, informative body and impactful conclusion. If you select a topic which has been talked about over and over again and present the same old facts to the reader, your audience won’t be intrigued and this in turn will effect negatively on your business and marketing. Also remember that 70% readers are looking for tips, DIYs and expert suggestions, so make sure that you have something to offer and aren’t just throwing in the information you gathered through your research.

Here are a couple of rules that when followed correctly, will give you creative ad engaging content.

  • Use animated adjectives and use the thesaurus every so often
  • Make it easy and simple to read
  • Include a concrete call to action
  • Include bullet points to make it easy to scan
  • Be clear and precise with your key points

What Are Some Of The Tips You Can Use?

An effective content marketing strategy cannot be achieved in a single flash. Brands that have solid content marketing strategies need a lot of experimentation and this is why you need a handful of great ideas that’ll work for you and your company. If you want your brand to go over the top, you will need to experiment with the ideas that pop up in your mind.

To help you with your ideas, we have come up with a guide that’ll help you achieve whatever you need. The following tips will help you in crushing the content marketing strategies you want to employ for your brand and help you in the long run.

Here’s how you should get started.

Rifle through Your Social Media for Ideas

One of the best places where you can find new and creative ideas for your content marketing is social media marketing. If you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you have a plethora of information at your fingertips. This unique information comes from the comments and impressions of your customers and target audience. If you’re responsive and pay attention to what is being said about your brand and its products, you’ll have an excellent source of knowledge. But remember that for you to get ideas through social media; you must have pages that are loved by the audience.

Get Creative with Old Strategies

Whoever said old is gold knew what they were talking about. If you’re a brand that was established years ago, you will have several traditional hot spots, that when reinvented can take your company to the top. One of the best ways you can showcase your traditional values in a modern way is if you use photography. When used correctly, it can emphasize on the beautiful and striking side of your business and will become essential for your business. You can benefit from social media websites such as Instagram and Snapchat for this particular tip as they are photo heavy websites.

Bring in the Big Guns with SEO

Your content marketing strategy would ultimately fail without SEO Marketing or Search Engine Optimization. This isn’t just a buzzword because SEO has the power to make or break your entire strategy. Though it was a little challenging for marketers to understand and implement SEO in the beginning, information and search tactics on Google and other search engines have made it a lot simpler. If you need your marketing strategy for content to work, you must make sure that your content is reaching the right target audience and SEO is the best possible way you can make that happen. Expert SEO analysts recommend a few basic but impactful strategies that are proven to take your strategy to the next level. Here are a few things you can start doing.

  • Select Keywords Tactfully: Not all keywords that are used by your competitors should also be used by you. Keywords are critical for your business and so it is essential that you use search tools such as Google AdWords to find ones which fit your brand and products the best.
  • Benefit from Internal Linking: One of the things that you can take advantage of when building SEO is internal linking. Internal links are essential because they help keep the visitors on your website for longer and show them that you’re a reliable source for information.
  • Add External Links: Another important aspect you should be using is external linking. The articles/blogs you publish must have links to other sources. These sources should be credible and have an authoritative tone that brings in more reliability to your website.

Become an Expert in Your Field

Customer always appreciate content coming from authority. In fact, there are some who can clearly see if a particular brand knows what it’s talking about or not. If they catch a brand being dishonest, they won’t trust you and may even talk about the negative side of your business with others. So the best way to battle through this or better yet not face it is to talk about what you know and have authority over. Provide them with tips that only you can give and set your business apart so it becomes indispensable to customers and your target audience.

You can also become an expert if you identify the problems of your target audience and write creative content about how to solve them in different ways. However, bear in mind that you should know the kind of language that resonates with your clients because this is the only way you can connect with consumers.

Construct a Killer Headline

The headline may be the thing that appears first for your reader, but it should be the last piece of content that you write. The headline of your blog or article shouldn’t just grab the reader’s attention, but must also have the power to reel them in so they read each word that you have written. Once you’re done writing your actual content, think about what you’ve written and its importance and then come up with a clear, concise and crisp title. Make titles that are relevant to your target audience and make sure you benefit from the various online software which tell you whether or not the headline has the ability to influence.

Take Hold of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Now that you’re fully equipped with tips and ideas for your content marketing strategy, it’s time you start thinking outside the box so things start moving in the right direction quickly. So don’t make the mistake of skimping on your content marketing strategy because this will not only have a negative effect on your influence but also marks badly on the brand.

Ali Surani

Ali Surani is an SEO and Inbound Marketing Specialist, Currently working for an online firm. He specializes in search engine marketing and online reputation management, having managed online marketing campaigns for clients from large enterprises to small businesses.