As an entrepreneur, you should know the importance of owning a strong online presence. Moreover, when it comes right down to marketing, make sure that your business site is well-optimized for all sorts of browsers and display screens. Besides, getting ranked higher in the search engines, you need to engage the users on your website longer and, eventually, convert.

The potential customers punch the ugly, chaotic websites in the neck. They are more inclined to websites that pacifies their aesthetic sense and easily find what they are looking for. One of the most significant reasons that an eCommerce store offering products with high price tags is more profitable than yours despite giving low rates for the same products because of your faulty web design and development.

On the contrary, the first online store appears better in all perspectives from a powerful layout to bringing everything up in a fraction of second, supreme navigation, lively imagery, legible fonts and an efficient shopping cart.

Adding to it, if you consider for an SEO or content audit, you will realize there are some deadly mistakes that are hampering your web optimization efforts. The first thing here, it is important to get in touch with an SEO Agency, Dubai for website evaluation and the second crucial thing is to fix the issues without delay. In the long run, the consistent auditing of your website will aid you in developing more well-rounded marketing strategies to increase sales productivity.

Here are the commonly found website mistakes that should be resolved for improved search engine optimization results.

  1. Poor Site Structure:

First comes the overall website architecture. Makes things easy for you, your potential customers and the search engines. A good structure refers to the best user experience and this comes with design clarity, strong visual appeal and hierarchy, and easy navigation.

  1. Duplication of Pages:

This usually happens while moving your website to HTTPS. Always use an appropriate 301 redirects setup to avoid the page duplication on which Google can penalize you. In addition, run regular crawls to stay safe from the predicament of duplicate content.

  1. No Internal Linking:

Inbound links matter and so does the internal linking of the website pages. In this way you can keep the user engaged with your site longer. You need a holistic approach while linking the closely related pages.

  1. Inapt Web Copy:

Do not get lost in the jargon while writing your web copy. Even if your business is doing great outside the web world, your website should reflect the real worth of your products without getting deep into waffles of information. Moreover, technical language should not dominate your website content in any way. Stay user-centric.

  1. No Price Listing:

This is another big mistake you must avoid. If your e-store isn’t giving you the range of prices for different products and services, then what’s the purpose of launching it even. The B2B companies can have an edge over here as their pricing largely depends on client’s needs and demands. Although it’s a kind of conditional thing, but still businesses should give a rough estimate to save the sales teams from wasting their time on vague leads.

In a nutshell, overhaul your website in the light of above-mentioned mistakes for improved SEO and hence the ROI.


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