Imagine. You’re heading to your hometown for the weekend. It’s a hot day, and the bus is small and stuffy. Just your luck, right? People are leaning on the poles, some are reading, others are drooling, and the lady sitting next to you is constantly chattering. There’s nothing to do, and you’re extremely bored.

Or maybe you’re at a grand family get-together, organized in your uncle’s backyard. Everyone is there, even the extended family. Everyone splinters into groups eventually, as to be expected. You, however, are the shy type, and start simply staring ahead into thin air, bored out of your wits.

What do you do? Pull out your smartphone and scroll through the menu to look for a thrilling getaway. Eventually, you find it. Not in the form of your newsfeed, but in the form of a fun android game, like one of those highlighted below. These are not your over-the-top, super-hyped games. Rather, they are less mainstream and simpler. You can play these games anywhere and anytime, whether you have a great broadband plan selected from Xfinity internet plans or not. These games are here for you, and are only a touch away!

Check out our 5 favorite games below, or click here to read more about best Android strategy games on TechStribe.

Super Mario Run

This game makes me reminisce about the technologically-nascent days of my childhood, spent in front of a heavy monitor, coupled with a chunky keyboard. A better version of it is now available on Google Play store, which you can easily download. Control Mario’s movements with a simple touch, make him jump over difficult hurdles, spin mid-air, collect all the coins, and more. You can even go multiplayer play with anyone worldwide. Other character options are also catered to, like Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Yoshi, etc. Choose the one of your liking and have fun!

Doodle Jump

You know the times when you have a pencil in your hand and a paper in front of you, and you can’t help but get creative? Or maybe you’re doing complex paperwork, and out of nowhere, you draw a doodle in the margins. This is the concept you’ll find actualized in the game Doodle Jump. A long-nosed, snot-like yellow being is the main character. By tilting the screen to change directions, or tapping to jump, you’ll take the doodle on exhilarating adventures through various landscapes, filled with weird entities and hidden power-ups. If you don’t get addicted, you’re not playing it right.


If you’re into art, this game is definitely for you. With a minimalistic, yet pleasing interface, it relies on basic physics and your creative manoeuvring of it. Just tap, make a pattern, and see it move on its own. Your goal is to gather all the colourful circles without touching any of the black ones, which are arranged in the form of an obstacle course. Carefully craft a gesture that rounds up all the required balls. It’s pretty straightforward, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy it immensely. That I can promise.

Streets of Rage Classic

Take another trip down memory lane. Remember how you used to be on the edge of your seat as you competed with your archenemy in an ultimate fighting game? Well now you can catch up with it, as Streets of Rage is available on Android. Kick, punch, evade, and hit with the weapon of your choice. Your characters? Three rough-n-tough cops tasked to bring order to the city. Your antagonists? Thugs and drug lords, including the notorious Mr. X. Wear your combat gloves and go multiplayer, right on your smartphone.

One Tap Hero

A cute and cuddly character, with various costumes and impressive moves, stands at the centre of this game. When you open it, a musical soundtrack will greet your ears, and take all the ennui away. Your eyes will be pleased with the artsy design and humble graphics. Your hand will adapt easily to the simple, one-tap-to-control-it-all interface, and your mind will get hooked on it, without retaining a sense of time and place. Give it a try!

With these low-key games on Android in your reach, you’ll never get bored again!


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