From the beginning of life to the last day at school, most of us have spent our life at home with our parents and siblings. At that continuous-time, many times, it felt like the home was a jail, and most of us wanted to jailbreak for the sake of freedom and to live a life on our terms.

And that’s why the last day at school felt good back then because we knew that it’s time for higher studies and we will be moving out to another city.

Moving out feels like freedom, and it does last for a year or two at max, but as the time flies, absence of peace starts taking over the on-going pleasure. From hostel to PGs to renting flats with friends, fun stays on forever but the peace that our soul needs seems nowhere near. And as life moves forwards, we start finding it hard to go back home and soak all the peace that home has given us for years. First study and then a job, the days that felt long at the school time started shrinking to extremity, and it became hard to manage the busy schedule in a relaxed way.

How much have you worried about the food when you were home?

 How much did you care about managing themes and finding time to wash your clothes?

And how many times you felt the soul inside you as it is screaming for peace now?

Yes, you may have some freedoms like hanging out late at night or placing an online cake order or sleeping till late in the morning, but these small pleasures can’t outperform the inner peace that your body and soul needs. When you are away from home, your subconscious mind is always concerned about so many things, and all the stress and tension leave no space for relaxation to sit in.

Life is all about exploring and learning and not stopping at one place but coming back to home is something that our souls demand. The happiness that was there when leaving home with packed bags is nowhere near right now. There is a sense of responsibility to have a promising career. There is a maturity that changes the viewpoint for so many things. There is freedom. But the relaxing vibes and that atmosphere of safety and coziness is impossible to find anywhere other than your home.

Your job, your friends, your love life, and other things that are pleasing you right now are all materialistic in comparison to that heavenly peace we are talking about here. And there millions of people who are striving to find that peace again. There are many who have left their well-paid jobs and have moved back home just to live a peaceful and luxurious life instead of a luxurious one.

There is no point in saying that it is the case with everyone who moves out, but it is the case with most. And the lock-down due to COVID-19 has made many people realise what was lacking in their life. As the work from home started, students and people on jobs have moved back to home cities. And after spending the three months, many came to know that between those walls which they felt a jail once after hitting adulthood is actually heaven. The big and beautifully designed corporate offices and the fully furnished PGs and hostels are in no competition the old walls of home when it comes to produce and render peace and relaxation. And the simple food cooked in the home’s kitchen is far better and delicious than the glorified dishes people order from the online food delivery applications and the nearest restaurants.

At last, a poem by William B. Tappan, to define it all in a rhythmic way:

Home of my youth! with fond delight,

On thee doth recollection dwell;

Home of my youth! how gaily bright,

The scenes that childhood loved so well.


Cot of my fathers! well I know,

The spot that saw my infant dawn;

Near the green lane, the old elm row–

The village spire–the grassy lawn.


O! sweet to me the laughing hours,

When earth seemed gay, and heaven was fair;

When fancy culled her thornless flowers,

And pleasure reigned, unknown to care.


Home of my youth! this heart away,

Recalls those moments dear to me;

Often in dreams will memory stray,

Home of my youth–to weep o’er thee.


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