Access to high buildings and structures is a difficult and constant safety matter in the construction industry. Since they are located at such great heights above ground level, the importance of providing modern and innovative support structures becomes apparent with the lives of hundreds of workers at stake. It is a rare event that it goes wrong, but when it does the injuries can be life threatening. Common injuries that are extremely avoidable are structures falling from in correct assembly onto persons, items falling from the structure and persons falling.

Technicians, construction workers and civil engineers are well aware about the term scaffolding. It is a temporary support structure and frame provided for a list of activities such as repair and maintenance of buildings in which a person can take a load whilst working on the repairs. They can be made of metal, pipe, wood and wire with the overall objective of providing the workers with a supportable frame to complete the construction activities.

  1. Maintenance and repair building

One of the more important situations where scaffolds are used is in repair and maintenance building. The performance of a building is dependent on a number of factors including what materials it is made from and how it was made. If a building has been standing for 100 years and is in need of urgent repairs, this is a situation where the necessary safety measures are a must. Workers safety is an absolute priority when maintaining and repairing buildings, the access must ensure the employees are in no immediate danger from the structure of the building.

  1. Painting

When you are doing home renovations as a professional or by yourself, there will be instances where that require you to work with high places. Without scaffolding to support you, it is very possible and even likely to injure yourself severely. Ladders can be a dangerous tool when trying to reach for that final patch, risking a very nasty fall to the bottom. Building appropriate frameworks to support your weight and ensure you are getting to those difficult places where a ladder can’t take you. Handrails is a great addition, knowing you have something to hold when you lose balance gives you extra confidence and may translate into saving yourself from serious injuries.

  1. Window cleaning

Window cleaning is an important job for many big firms and hotels that pride themselves on aesthetics of architecture. Proper safety precautions are in place in terms of providing the relevant support and equipment available for window cleaners is fundamental to the job at hand. Since they are working at such high heights, the risk of serious injury or death is a major concern for window cleaners. The appropriate support to enable them to clean those out of reach places is imperative to the success of many businesses.

  1. Civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the most important jobs when it comes to construction. It is the task of planning, implementing and maintaining the overall safety of the work. With scaffolding one of the most important structures in the construction process, it becomes even more important when the civil engineers must survey the development. One minor miscalculation or unplanned feature of the construction can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Providing an appropriate support mechanism for civil engineers and employees is fundamental for this process.

  1. Building inspections

Building inspections are a common feature in the assessment process in terms of checking the credibility and safety of the structures. Often this requires surveying parts of the infrastructure that are hundreds of metres above the ground, demanding essential equipment and safety procedures in place. The device that is applied is in place should maintain all the current safety standards and regulations to eliminate the chance of undesirable and avoidable disasters.

Accidents are a rare phenomenon in the scaffolding world; however, they unfortunately still occur in the work place and can lead to significant injury and even death. Here are some instructions for when it occurs:

  • See if anyone is hurt

Take stock of your injuries and others, and be sure to assess whether the injuries range from minor to severe. Call an ambulance if you think the injuries are life threatening.

  • Evaluate the integrity of the structure

Before work continues on the site, it is important to evaluate the structural surroundings so that the safety of the workers is in line with OHS standards.

  • File a report

Filing a report as soon as possible is recommended. The reason being, the details are fresh in your mind and you can speed up the process for things like workers compensation.


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