Striving for a healthier lifestyle is becoming increasingly more desirable with more people taking up regular exercise and switches to vegan diets prominent as a 2018 trend. In 2017 there was a huge 94% increase in demand for healthier choices in supermarkets alongside the number of vegans in the UK multiplying by 3.5 times. So, when it comes to squeezing this fully-fledged health kick into your working life, it can be difficult.

Especially when you’re spending 9-5 sat stationery in an office. From choice snacks to exercising those ankles though, we know exactly how you can continue to be health conscious even in the working week. 

Exhaust Healthier Commute Options

Yep, rather than emitting more harmful emissions into the air through your car exhaust, why not consider other ways to get to work every morning that benefit you and the environment? We know in a rush it can be easy to slip behind the wheel, but ask yourself if walking to work is better? A brisk half an hour walk in the morning could be just what you need to wake up and kickstart your day and your metabolism.

If it’s a bit far, cycling to work is a fantastic way to get your heart pumping and will cut your journey time in half. You can even take part in the Ride to Work scheme and save when buying your bike using Promo Codes For Evans Cycles and other retailers that’ll get you up to 42% off the cost.  No need to think about slipping that early morning gym session in, bleary eyed and barely awake.

If walking or cycling really isn’t a possibility, hop on a bus instead. Although there is still the element of exhaust fumes, at least it’s one less car on the road. But how does this impact your fitness levels? Rather than getting the bus all the way to the nearest stop to work, we suggest getting off a stop sooner and a taking a brisk walk the rest of the way to your offices. The same can be done with your car. Choose a parking space that isn’t quite so conveniently close to your work and enjoy a scenic power walk to your desk.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

If you work in a small office, there may not be much need for it. But sending off a quick email to a colleague who’s all the way across the other side of the room? Why not try this revolutionary idea of standing up and talking to them verbally? It’ll get you up out of the confines of your office chair, stretch your legs and get the blood moving around your body. It’ll also give your eyes a break from the screen and offer mental relief having physical interaction with another person. Fitness trackers can be a great way to not only keep you motivated, but also for optimizing your daily commute to better keep you in good shape. For the more physically inclined, there’s also the option of going for military diet substitutes, in order to help you with your meal plan and overall fitness program. 

Always Take the Stairs

You’ve arrived at work, potentially huffing and puffing from a vigorous walk or cycle to work. The last thing you want is to be faced by stairs. All we can say is get up there and do it. Don’t be tempted by the lift or escalator. Your colleague isn’t likely to want to piggy-back you up them either, so don’t even consider it. Get your legs moving and those thighs screaming, and it’ll be over before you know it.

Utilise Your Lunch Break

Whether you take a walk around the park, go for a run or even take up an exercise class, lunchtimes can be the perfect time to limber up. Whatever you decide, even if it is just a brisk walk, it’ll be of great benefit to your spine and overall posture, stretching it out from sitting slumped at your desk all morning. A perk to lunchtime exercise also means you can finish work and go straight home, not left feeling guilty that you’ve not done any exercise. 

What Should You Eat at Work?

Food can be your downfall during the working week. It’s very easy to snack on salty or high in sugar foods at your desk as you beaver away, so ensure the only snacks you buy are healthy and will assist in boosting performance. Snack on bananas for a good dose of energy and have an array of other fruits and veg you can pick at as you work. Grapes and berries are great to somewhat sedate that sweet tooth. Want something a bit more exciting? Reap the benefits of superfoods with mashed avocado on a cracker or drink a smoothie using raw milk and acai berries.

When it comes to lunch, always pack your own. If you always bring something in, the health of your body and your wallet will be all the better for it. You can easily avoid overly processed lunch options and whip together your own tasty meal packed full of those all-important superfoods that’ll give you the vitamin and mineral boost you need. Also remember to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Ensuring you have your 2 litres a day will also stop you feeling hungry sooner, limiting the temptation to snack.

Do Deskercise

Now, hear us out. This may sound a little mad, but there are exercises you can do comfortably sat in your desk – inconspicuously if you try hard enough. From isometric training like seat squeezes to toe taps under the desk and leg raises, there are a number of small exercises you can do to keep your body semi-active as you work. As you move around the office, there is an opening to other possible exercises.

Why not do a quick jog on the spot or calf raises whilst waiting for something to print off? Offer to go and make tea and coffee and you might find the kitchen vacant. Whilst the coast is clear and the kettle’s boiling, do a round of squats, leg curls and sit ups. There are a number of innovative ways you can incorporate small exercises throughout your day, even when chain to a desk and chair.


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