Developers working on the Salesforce platform can now make use of Salesforce DX that promises to provide developers with the most modern experience in app development. The new offering of integrated high performing end-to-end life cycle is specifically designed for agile development is an open source that increases the scope of collaboration many times. The world opens up in front of developers who should never feel alone.

Instead, they would realize why more is merrier.  Besides being open, the platform is also highly flexible that supports the innovative minds of developers. In this article, we take a close look at the improved features that will help to understand how much more functional the new offering will be.

Development drive by the source

Taking advantage of collaborating with many other people in your app development project now, you can set up version control over the whole lot across your metadata, code, and org configuration. Not stopping at it, you are now in a position to leverage Git, the modern technology for collaboration and even build automation tools and access third party test tools.  It becomes easy to achieve all these because you can now specify data import files and export more Meta data. It has also become much easier to indicate the edition configuration options and features of the development you are doing, production environments and staging.

Speedy development and testing

The day has arrived when you need not remain confined in a sandbox crowded to the brim along with your team. The new opportunity that you get allows you to test your code with dedicated scratch orgs.  The environment that the scratch org creates the in the cloud becomes your local environment. The first thing is to validate your changes, and after you have done it, you can initiate integration tests with Heroku CI and Heroku pipelines by sending pull requests.  As you get through the tests, get ready to amalgamate your branch, put together packages and deliver it to the sandbox meant for staging where the final test will take place.

The choice is yours

When you are working on the latest app development platform, you stay assured of the most amazing experience that you had never experienced before. The best part of the offering is that you can assimilate the tools that your team needs besides making use of open and standard tools like Selenium, Git, Eclipse, VS Code and more.  Since the platform revolves around open APIs and a command line interface, you are at liberty to integrate IDEs and the tools that you prefer. Whether you want to use the modern environment of integrated development or coding in a text editor is what you like, the choice is yours.

A new packaging

Delivering apps in a modern package in the most efficient manner is made possible by the second-generation packaging named Packaging-2. This allows you to take a CLI centric, source driven approach. You can now automate end-to-end life cycle and make arrangements for efficient delivery of app that is smartly packed.

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