Building An Affiliate Site With WordPress

Back in the day, building a new affiliate site took lots of time and money and if you wanted to maintain it with ease, as in having everything managed from a control panel, it was even costlier. Today however, optimizing your workflow building new affiliate sites has never been easier. Using WordPress and either plugins or themes, you […]

WordPress Themes For September 2015

September is upon us, and we are featuring some very nice WordPress themes from mainly Themeforest this time. I hope you can all keep warm and cozy, and I might suggest pouring a hot cup of coffee or tea, and settle down for this list of the best selling themes in September 2015. Yonkers is […]

Managed WordPress Hosting: A comprehensive guide

Welcome to this blog post. This article contains information relating to the specific type of web hosting called “managed hosting” – This is different from the conventional type of hosting, in that a support team will not only host your WordPress website, but also take care of the security updates, firewall settings and other technical […]

8+ Best of WordPress Business Themes

Creating a business website with WordPress has never been easier. Just find a suitable theme for what sort of message your business wants to emit, and add your unique content. Sounds simple when it’s written down like this, but in reality, there’s many questions you need to answer before you end up with a well […]

Best of WordPress Wedding Themes

Today we will go through some of the various themes out there on the market designed for Wedding based websites. All the themes displayed here are developed by third parties, and we do not provide support officially for any of these products. There are several reasons why you’d want to look into Wedding designs, but […]

Best of WordPress Restaurant Themes 2015

WordPress is still growing increasingly popular. A fact that has not escaped many mainstream media sites, as more and more pour into the WordPress sphere of influence.This is a brand new list of website themes for WordPress users. They all provide a simple interface that works with point and click, customizer, or drag and drop editors. […]