Big Role Of Social Media In Education Industry

This is the time when the world around us is changing rapidly. Every now and then we can find any new releases of technologies or apps which are contributing a lot in making our lives convenient and simple. Social media is one of such advancement that has been serving for the betterment of our lives. […]

7 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy & Apps To Help

The pregnancy is a beautiful yet critical phase for a female who is just changing to a woman. Many females love to enjoy this phase when the baby is growing inside. Usually, there are kits available in the market with the help of with one can find if she is pregnant or not after missing […]

How To Develop a Great App Effectively

A great app doesn’t have to be complicated or bloated with features. Instead, it needs to solve a problem, and do so effectively. Today we’re taking a look at an app developed by a 23 year old developer from Canada, Jacob Catalano. Called Hydrate Now, the app is available to try on the app store […]

Optimize Your Organic Searches Using SEO

When it comes to finding your products and services online, through a Google search, the quicker and easier it is for your customers to locate you, the better results you’ll inevitably see. Most people searching online for something won’t look beyond the first few results – and they’re highly unlikely to search past the first […]