When you are about to get your business started, it is imperative for you to improve your online presence on the Internet. WordPress is a unique opportunity for you to start off with this gesture as it is one of the most widely preferred content management system platforms for websites and blogs.

Now, if you are a beginner, you might not be aware of what WordPress is and how it can add value to your business. WordPress is a publishing platform that helps you to build blogs and websites. It is popular today because it has a platform that can be customized to meet and match your business needs. Many business websites are created and built on WordPress.

The top brands today that use WordPress are New York Times, People Magazine, CNN, Ford and much more. This list of brands that use WordPress is awe-inspiring, and this means that if you are considering WordPress for your business website, you are making a smart choice that you never will regret in the long-run.

Top reasons as to why you should use WordPress for your business website to gain competitive edge in the market

When it comes to WordPress, you will find that it is a content management system that has become highly popular since its inception in 2003. Web designers and web developers prefer this content management system for its user-friendly interface. This is the prime reason why it is prevalent today. Its popularity keeps on growing day by day. There was a time when WordPress was highly resorted to for blogging however now these times have changed.

It is one of the best solutions for web developers to use for creating their business websites and blogging. In fact, it is an open source platform that has become comprehensive over the years with the passage of time. It is a solid CMS that empowers different types of websites. Some of the typical examples are sites featuring classified ads, job boards etc.

WordPress facts for you to consider for your business

  • WordPress is free- WordPress is a cost-effective platform and free. If you are a business owner and wish to customize your website, you would have to hire a good and experienced web developer for the task. If you are a small business owner, this means that you need to spend much money. It can be hard for you at first as you have other elements to look into. There are plugins that you can choose from, and like WordPress, they are free as well. These plugins are open source, and like WordPress, if you wish to, you can edit them as well.
  • Better search ranks- Search engine optimization has a significant role to play when it comes to the web presence and inbound traffic of your business website. It is here that you get added benefits with WordPress. Search engines love WordPress because it is SEO friendly and the platform deploys a code that is well-written. SEO experts state that white hat link-building and other SEO techniques are simple for your business website if it is built on WordPress. This means if you are new in the market, opting for a WordPress empowered website will primarily help you to establish a web presence in the market. If you take a look at WordPress today, you will find that it is simple for you to add relevant and fresh content without hassles. The addition of fresh and relevant content should be part and parcel of your online marketing strategy as it informs search engines that your website is functioning well. It also helps your website to get better ranks and visitors can find you easily on organic search ranks.
  • Flexibility- WordPress is a flexible content management system, and it can be edited. This means that the source code used to operate WordPress is available to the public in general. The platform is an open source one, and anyone can modify it. You can customize WordPress as per your business needs. This is a huge advantage to you as it helps you to save both time and money. Now, the bonus of using WordPress is that several themes and plugins are created for the platform. They are open source and can be edited as well. This means when you are using WordPress, you have a whole community that is working together to improve WordPress and add better features and functionality to it. WordPress is a platform that is simple to use and customize for everyone.
  • Premium themes are affordable- The Premium themes on WordPress are affordable. You can choose the themes you want and ensure that it is flexible and adaptable to your business needs. The good news is that most of these themes do not even need customization. They give you value for money and so opting for them is indeed a wise choice. When you are choosing themes, carefully go through the options that are available to you. There are some excellent themes for websites of all niches, and you will never be disappointed when you search for the perfect theme for your site.
  • Problem resolution- If you have an issue with your website, WordPress helps you to a large extent to find a solution. There are a large number of plugins to help you eradicate flaws and errors in the system. They can be easily installed in the system without hassles at all. You can take the help of a skilled professional who is well versed in WordPress to help you out.

Therefore, with the aid of a WordPress website, you can get a competitive edge in the market with success. Even if you are a new businessman and wish to create a dominating presence online, ensure that you have your website set up on WordPress. The platform is user-friendly, and it helps you to reach out to the targeted audience with success as well as enhance your online visibility on the Internet to a large extent!

Author Bio: Derek Iwasiuk is an online digital marketer and SEO expert with years of valuable experience in white hat link-building in the USA. He helps small businesses with their SEO strategies and online marketing campaigns.


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