BuddyPress is a powerful, free plugin for WordPress that enables more advanced user handling, including the option to build just about any online community out there. It has been used for dating, forums, facebook clones and much more.

For the past 8 years I have diligently taken advantage of WordPress as a platform for a variety of sites of different characteristics. The fact is that these days there are plugins and themes for just about anything you could ever want from a web application, and if it is not built yet, it will be built if someone thinks of it. Because of that, there are not really any limitations on the variety of websites that can be built with WordPress as the core. That fact has only made it even easier to choose WordPress, even when setting up complex websites. Therefore, I have not hesitated to use bbPress and BuddyPress in addition to WordPress related to more community-based websites.

Sweet Date

Are you looking for a WordPress Dating Theme? If so, this is probably the theme you are looking for. Featuring Facebook Login Integration as well as Membership Subscriptions, you can use BuddyPress as the core and this theme as the perfect extension to WordPress. Everything you would want from a normal WordPress theme in terms of layout, responsivity, and clean, flat modern design. It is WooCommerce ready, and has smart notifications, so you as an administrator won’t get bogged down. Combine this with the unique features of paid dating subscriptions all built by the same developers, ensures a seamless integration between WordPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress and your Dating Theme for WordPress.


Social Buddy

This theme is created for Niche Communities, or Social Network sites. It is primarily more professional and sober looking, than themes you’d use for dating or recreational hubs, but for more serious topics this theme can make any website work perfectly in harmony with bbPress or BuddyPress. Fresh colors and have plenty of custom functionalities. Unlike some themes I believe that this issue could also be used for personal blogging.

wOffice Intranet

Are you looking to develop a fully functional, well-founded intranet or extranet? If you base it on WordPress and use W Office with it, you can get quite a powerful package for a relatively low cost. The documentation is great and quite extensive, just as the customization options and possibilities for this theme. Any sort of business needing to take care of data internally for shared use can use this theme to great effect. Set up your client with this theme and you will save a lot of development time compared to the cost of the theme.


Everything from the original BuddyPress stylesheet has been given a serious haul, and is now up to a modern, clean and crisp looking design style. As with all BuddyPress Themes for WordPress, you can use it to build almost virtually any type of online community, and couple it with bbPress to use forums, you got yourself a Facebook clone,


This is a colorful theme which makes use of many eye-catching colors. At the same time it is very simple and clean design, which is perfect for a more personal community, or a more simple and minimalistic type of website, where you still have plenty of opportunities to put your personal touch to this theme, and of course always rely on the powerful combination of WordPress and BuddyPress.



Wild Community is a bold and stylish theme where their design is using flat colors, it is responsive and you can easily translate the theme using its .mo and .po files. Nothing less than perfect for an easy start into the universe of online communities.


ReviewIt is a rather genious stroke of development, with a great integration of BuddyPress. Truly everything standard from WordPress and bPress have been updated and improved. If you want to create any type of review site using WordPress, this great blog theme fits well with especially personal blogs. There is great focus on your posts and sidebar allows you to come up with different information about you (eg a picture, your social profiles, etc.). The theme is obviously responsive, so it can be used on mobile devices.

Kleo Next Level


A beautifully designed and truly modern community theme, Kleo is true to it’s slogan of being next level. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything ordinary about this theme, from the way it handles user integration and display, to the way you set up your theme options with minimal amount of effort and error.


Score Review


One more excellent theme to use for reviews is the so called “Score Review” theme. Optimized for AdSense this WordPress theme is a great choice for especially game and tech reviews and blog posts, and can be used for much more than simply posting your own reviews, as it includes powerful shortcodes and an advanced review system that is SEO optimized and easy to learn.


Community Junction

Looking somewhat ambitious this theme strives to take the best parts of the famous social media platforms out there, and roll those features into the famous and most powerful blogging platform out there; WordPress. Looking at the theme demo it is clear that many things have been updated from the original files, and a large amount of work has gone into making a beautiful, responsive BuddyPress theme.






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