There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn where people of various kinds like to hang around. Being an excellent photo-sharing network, Instagram appears to be on top of the list now with many overwhelming features. This social network platform has more than 400 million users coming on it a day. Moreover, Instagram is not just used to share pictures and socialize but has also now become the best possible platforms to market business products and services too.

Lately, Instagram introduced many business tools too, which can be efficiently used for promotions. Considering all these, the most significant question to web designers is how to efficiently integrate Instagram with the web design layout for better reach and results.

If you research, you may be amazed to see how various brands, including many new, are leveraging the potential of Instagram to become popular and selling. If you are looking for web design perugia you can find plenty of tips and tricks to integrate this high-performing platform to your web designing layout successfully.

Instagram website layout

Embedding an Instagram feed into your page is one of the best layouts for web design. Maintaining an Instagram theme which pairs well with the products and services, you can match your brand layout and colors for integration.

As users scroll down the Instagram page, tiles will transform into the pages one by one. Some of the businesses may not be using the current website to share information with the users. However, this approach is not functional or clickable, but perfectly ideal for the above-type of organizations.

This technique helps in integrating the website into the Instagram platform. Nowadays, many social platforms are getting integrated into web designing, and designers come up with many unique methods to make this integration more effective and result oriented. For those businesses focusing on demographics aligns, it is ideal to integrate Instagram media to connect to the active users on that platform. From subtle badges to the full-page content, there are many ways to incorporate social media into web designing.

Focus on sales

A distinct sales page can be created. It can be titled as ‘Shop our Instagram’ or so. The purpose is made clear to the users even before they land on to your website. When the user clicks on the post, the link appears where they can see the product. Directly leading them to the purchase point, this is an ideal strategy if done well.

There are a lot of e-com brands active on mobile. Instagram is a very flexible and easy to handle platform which users can quickly browse without being concerned about any compound issues. Instagram recently also became very accommodating for all types of users. Considering an increasing number of users, Instagram is now also used to incorporate e-business services. Business owners largely use Instagram now to market their products and services and also buy Instagram likes for better reach.

Instagram badge

Less is more on Instagram, and even the simple integration you make can give you the best results. It is more so if you already equipped your site with graphics and animations. The Instagram logo can be found on the bottom corner of the page. You can find it as a fundamental element in most of the web pages now along with other social media badges. Its white on black background is ideal not to distract the viewers from the authentic design of the webpage, but accomplishing the purpose at the same time.

Hashtag feeds

You can see that evangelist marketing has mostly gained in popularity lately with the digital lifestyle we follow now. Customer engagement is vital for brands, and they come up with many innovative ways to ensure it. The hashtag feed on Instagram has been developed for the people to contribute content in a more structured way. The Instagram posts and tweets get together in a combined single feed which gets displayed on a particular website. Doing this, the users get a feeling that they are also contributing to something which is quite significant. Just imagine how excited you will be once you see yourself on the home page of a celebrity website.

E-com platform

By default, the Instagram platform is not optimized for e-commerce. However, different companies have created various platforms to link e-com businesses with Instagram. They have kept their products ‘Instagrammable’, and the users can access the available links in the profile description to reach to there. The power of a single link in leading the visitors to the purchasing pages is enormous.

Instagram tips from experts

Knowing web design integration with Instagram, next let’s explore some random tips from an expert to boost Instagram marketing.

  1. Do hashtag research to find the most popular hashtags relevant to your niche to be put on your postings.
  2. Keep a watch for people who mention your brand or products and re-post all such brand mentions.
  3. Connect with other businesses using hashtag and geo-tags.
  4. Create a couple of unique hashtags relevant to your business and tell people about it. However, a custom hashtag is useless if people do not use it.
  5. Tag the other brands, locations, and users in your posts to make it easier for the users to find it.
  6. Show the followers what is taking place behind the scenes in your business.
  7. Like and comment on your followers’ photo, which will increase your visibility.
  8. Offer only exclusive content. If you are launching a new product or service, then try showing an exclusive offer on Instagram.
  9. Leverage the user-generated content by creating a hashtag photo where users can upload their photos featuring your products under a specific hashtag given.
  10. Run celebrity takeovers with the help of influencers to drive more traffic.
  11. Not just the image, but focus on the total post. The image may be the heart whereas hashtags offer the context and caption tell the story.
  12. Use photo editing apps like VSCO, Afterlight, Aviary, Whitagram, Pic Stitch, Hyperlapse, and Lumify to create the best possible images for Instagram.
  13. Monitor and follow the top trends to enhance your brand awareness and reach to stay on top of trends.
  14. Introduce follower reward programs to create lasting and engaging relations on Instagram and attract more.

Whatever strategies you try out, it is all about keeping measuring your performance to streamline the approach and ultimately gain success.


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