Ownboard Electric Skateboard is a company specializing in R&D and production of short-distance travel tools. Previously worked as an OEM and ODM solution for many well-known brands. In the process, through observation and experience, we found that the current electric skateboard also Has many shortcomings.For example: turning is not flexible, lack of power; Driving is uncomfortable and the start is not smooth;

The brakes are not flexible, it is difficult for novices to learn; High speed is not stable, there is a big Safety hazard; Insufficient power, large voltage sag; Bad elasticity, lost a lot of skateboarding fun. OWNBOARD has made all aspects of improvement on these issues. Create a skateboard with high value and high performance, reliability and safety, comfort and uniqueness. To Meet the needs of skateboarders all over the world.

Skateboarding is a “land surfing” that young people love. Its audience determines that the shape of this product must be “arrogant and cool”. OWNBOARD electric skateboards start from the aesthetic and riding needs of young people. It is finally presented to skateboarders with This dynamic “skateboard art”.

The OWNBOARD electric skateboard is designed with the comfort of riding and the flexibility of the ordinary skateboard. In the overall design, the battery and the controller are respectively fixed on both sides of the bridge. The deck with 2-layers bamboo and 6-layers mape wood. With a flex and a middle arch shape to ensure the comfort and flexibility of riding. The board is 38 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. Netweight is only 7.8Kg.

In the choice of battery, OWNBOARD skateboard selected Samsung 30Q battery. The high-rate battery provides powerful power to the skateboard with a discharge current of up to 30A. Let the skateboard continue to maintain good power and reduce the problem of voltage sag. In addition, the motor uses a brushless hub motor with a power of Up to 500 watts.

OWNBOARD electric skateboards with a top speed of 25 miles per hour and a 14-mile battery life. The climbing ability is 30%. However, for the sake of safety, the R&D team is the “starting mode” and “sports mode” of The scooter. Through the adjustment of the two gears, the beginners can adapt and play at low speed, so that the master can enjoy the stimulation and speed at high speed.


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