It comes as no surprise that companies are considering the bold dark modes themes we have recently seen make its way into the UI of a massive number of mobile and web applications. With the amount of screen-time that is becoming the new normal, who wouldn’t want to give their eyes a break? But other than the relief from eye strain, why should companies shift towards Dark Mode?

Most likely it could be the same reasons we personally switch on the night mode on our phones. We’ll have to read on to find out.

White vs. Black Text

One thing we should notice – white text on a dark background equals bolder. Black text on a white background – boring and well not as bold. Although the colors are essentially the same, the black background causes the text to stand out. Brands are preferring the darker themes over the classic white theme to attract immediate attention. With short attention spans and constant visual bombardment it has become each companies complex objective to capture the viewers eye in one go. The bolder the better. If it catches your eye, you’re going to look twice and that’s all their hoping for.

Plan to Read

We have already discussed our need to avoid the unnecessary eye strain. However, the psychological impact of it not hurting your eyes is what the companies are actually after while designing dark themed apps. No matter how interesting the content is, if you have had enough strain for the day you’re going to turn off your phone and set it aside to avoid a digital hangover. We don’t need another reason for a splitting headache. Which is why to encourage users to stay on a while longer and build on their plan to read or view extensive content, designers are asked to play on dark color schemes creating an illusion of a relaxing read.


Other than looking modern, the dark theme in a website can give the brand a luxurious essence. Again, according to color psychology, users are more likely to associate affluence and luxury with dark colors. Many brands that want to bring their refined craftsmanship in the spotlight will user a darker palette to draw attention.


Dark mode is a popular running trend in web and mobile app design. As with anything else, many companies are interested in the theme simply to keep up. A buyer is more likely to view and then, more importantly, stay on the website if they perceive it as a brand/company that is modern in every aspect. Especially the upkeep of an interactive web or mobile UI design.

Users need change. Users need comfort. The dark mode is a much-needed variation that does both. It is not limited to the aesthetics in the way that it is just another in-trend color scheme. It is psychology. It is a theory that plays consumer psychology. It is a contributing factor to the association and reverence the customer has of a company.

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