To increase traffic to your website and create an awareness of your brand you need to have a detailed understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can have a huge difference in your website’s traffic. As much as 80% of website’s traffic can be influenced by Search Engine Optimization. Staying an SEO expert requires you to conduct a lot of research and experiments. Google itself updates its algorithms at a constant pace. Around 3.5 billion searches are done via Google every day. Somehow getting to page one search result will have a drastic effect on your revenues. The combined traffic of first three search results accounts 60% of total traffic associated with that query.

The root cause of most of the digital marketing mistakes is the common misconception that e-commerce is easy. It is estimated that by 2020 e-commerce sales should reach to an all-time high of around 4000 billion dollars thus to stay in business there a few steps to be remembered and some mistakes which should be avoided by your SEO company. To have one of the best solid marketing strategies your SEO Company should take care of the following:

  1. Making A Mess Of Your Email Marketing

Even today email marketing is still alive it doesn’t matter how much you cut it, it will always remain influential in terms of brand awareness. If done right, it will get your job done. But sometimes marketers and your SEO Company overlook some key factors which may ruin your email marketing campaign easily. Having too aggressive subject lines or too boring subject lines or insisting on offers and deals may destroy your campaign. It would be quite devastating if even in today’s age of technology and data you are not personalizing your emails.

  1. Giving A Miss To Your Current Customers

A massive mistake which many e-commerce stores make is forgetting their existing customers in the pursuit of new ones. If a customer has purchased from you in the past it is quite possible that he may return to your store again soon. One way is to share your exclusive product range with them which has been tailored for them. Another way is to run loyalty programs so as to encourage them to increase their spending. You can also try sending them a birthday card.

  1. Unable To Target Right Audience

Another widely committed mistake is not knowing your target audience. That means even if you create excellent content you will miss the opportunity if it is not reaching the target audience. The targeted audience should be defined not only on personal descriptions but also on behavior which includes purchase intent, life events, age, gender, and demographics.

  1. Considering Each Of Your Customer The Same

As said earlier, it would be devastating if personalization is not followed. Around 70% of customers get frustrated if the e-commerce website isn’t related to their interest. The solution to this problem is quite simple i.e. tailor your landing pages considering your customer’s interest. You can increase your sales by up to 20% by delivering content based on their interest.

  1. Unattractive Website Design

The key to attract customers and engage them is to have a highly attractive design. Your marketers and SEO Company should focus on a pleasant design. The page should be highly navigable and should load very fast. Your website should be mobile responsive since 70% of the browsing today is being carried out from mobile devices only.

  1. Not Paying Attention To International Customers

With an e-commerce store, everyone on the internet becomes your customer. Not putting efforts so as to become more accessible to international customers is just losing a golden opportunity. To grab this golden opportunity you should improve the overall user experience of international customers. This can be achieved by adding a translation feature so that the content is visible to them in their local language, providing international shipping and letting them know the estimated date of delivery. Also, prices should visible in the local currency to international customers.

  1. Emphasizing Quantity Over Quality

Building content only because you want to have content is the biggest and most stupid mistake anyone can commit. The internet is already loaded with tons and tons of in-depth articles and people will easily skip your poor data so as to have a look at more relevant articles. Various online tools are available which can be used to check the performance of your rival’s content. Your SEO Company should focus on building a content strategy which is truly based on your targets and oriented around your goals.

Digital marketing is the best form of marketing available today. It allows you to reach millions of people digitally by sitting at your home only but there is a proper way to master it. Most e-commerce store owners choose a rather irrelevant way with a lot of mistakes. Your marketers and SEO Company should be highly professional and experienced so that they all such potential mistakes and make your digital marketing campaign a success.