When it comes to actually making it to the gym there’s a lot more to it than simply identifying the London gyms with parking! Of course if there is on-site parking then that’s a bonus, especially in London. But before you even get into the car to head to the gym there are many distractions, reasons and thoughts that might come to mind to stop you going in the first place. Here we look at ways to increase your chances of getting to the gym, and thereafter it’s over to you! So, if you’re the sort of person who lacks a little focus, finds excuses a little too easily, or just needs added motivation to get to the gym, then read on for help and advice.


There are often invisible barriers that prevent you going to the gym, some of which you may not even have ever thought of. For example, how many times have you laid in bed thinking I’d rather have an extra hours sleep than get up on a cold morning and head to the gym – that’s perfectly normal human behaviour isn’t it?

One way to avoid this is to have your kit ready and prepared to dive into straight from your bed, not only will this act as a reminder to go, but it avoids the “trouble” of finding your kit in the cold. This will remove one barrier and the temptation to stay put. If you’re someone who goes onto work from the gym or takes a meal with them, then prepare it the night before. Less to do in the morning will more likely mean you getting to where’s needed i.e. the gym!


We are all able to persuade ourselves that missing a session doesn’t matter and there will often be little to no argument raised to your own thoughts of missing out. But if you have a training partner then this makes missing sessions harder. As humans, we feel more guilt in letting others down, than we do about letting ourselves down – hence if you know somebody will be waiting for you at the gym, or for a lift to get there, this will help you get moving. One point to be made however is that in choosing a partner, pick one who has similar goals. Training with someone whose aim is weight loss when yours is muscle gain means that your training may be at odds with each other’s.

The Gym

There are indeed London gyms with parking, but more important than finding somewhere for your car, is finding somewhere suitable for yourself. If the gym doesn’t have adequate equipment, is always packed, or full of people that are there to be seen training, rather than just training, it’s probably time to find a different gym – car park or not! Remember your own goals and find a gym that encourages you and helps you achieve them. If you’re in the wrong place, you’ll quickly find reasons to stop going altogether.


Your goals need to be S.M.A.R.T meaning specific, measured, achievable, realistic and time based. So rather than saying I want to lose some weight, give yourself a target of say 2lbs per week for 6 weeks, then keep a track of your progress. Once that time is up or the goal is achieved, refresh it to keep it relevant and challenging. Goals should have a dynamic fluidity keeping you interested and fresh.

At the same time track your achievements, perhaps not with scales as they can be disheartening at times, but with selfies of your body shape and measurements against your clothing size. These will help you “see” actual progress rather than focus solely on weight. An honest food diary too will assist you in documenting this journey.

Bad habits such as not training are hard to break, but so are good habits. Once you have created new and healthy habits, such as regular gym attendances, workouts and classes, you’ll soon find that they fall naturally into your routine. Thereafter you’ll feel bad for NOT going to the gym. Yes it will take time and dedication, and indeed a lot of hard work, but sometimes the hardest thing is getting to the gym in the first place. Once you have set your goals, established your new regimes and stuck at it, you’ll look back and wonder why you used to lie in bed finding reasons to stay at home. Being healthy is great, so enjoy it!


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