From the turn of the century, and increasingly ever since, search engine optimisation has become an integral part of any businesses marketing operations. It is not only because everyone is doing it, but because Google is constantly updating and improving its algorithms that SEO is so important nowadays.

Learning, understanding and implementing the correct search engine practices is critical to the success of marketing campaigns and general brand establishment in the modern business arena. Whilst it is possible to complete the optimisation within the business, hiring a third party SEO company may be more beneficial as they will have expert knowledge in the matter.

With the majority of product and service purchases now beginning with an internet search, having a strong search engine optimisation plan in place is going to be crucial. Here are some reasons why every business should be investing in organic search engine optimisation.

It Still Works

Although SEO tactics have come a long way since the beginning of the practice and Google has drastically changed the way it does a lot of the algorithms and enforces penalties, the basic techniques do still work.

Many of the cheap and nasty trips such as flooding your site with backlinks or keywords no longer work but that is not in the essence of search engine optimisation. It is about improving user experience and therefore if you or the SEO company you employ focus on this, the performance of your site will undoubtedly improve.

It is Cost Effective

Advertising costs are increasing and finding a cost-effective way to reach the desired market is going to help save money whilst increasing customer base and facilitating other operations. SEO usually provides a good return on investment and social media, PPC advertising and purchasing email leads can be costly.

Even though organic search engine optimisation may not be a big revenue driver, it is important that it is rock solid as it provides the base for all marketing and customer acquisition campaigns.

Search Engines are getting More Market Share

Before making a purchase, approximately 80-90% of customers will seek online reviews in order to confirm or deny any questions they had about a product or service. This number is expected to increase meaning that it won’t be long until everyone is searching online prior to purchasing to ensure it is of acceptable quality and function.

Having strong SEO pillars in place will help your site to be accessible to users and regularly attract them to your page. Even getting customers to the home page is a big step, and with the appropriate Call-to-Actions in place, will convert into sales.

Not having a Healthy Profile is Damaging

As has been stated a few times already, Google is constantly changing its algorithm to rank sites in the most accurate way possible. New factors are coming in everyday and things such as presence across social media channels are now being taken into account.

It is therefore important to build a strong content profile that is built over many months and continuously updated to stay relevant and maintain ranking. It is one of the most crucial elements in the search engine optimisation frame to build a healthy content profile so that the site is seen as relevant and user friendly. An SEO company Sydney like SEO Shark will be best equipped to handle this as they will have a depth of knowledge in building relevant content for the website.

Competitors are Doing It

SEO is a never ending project that needs constant additions and updates to maintain and improve user experience and search engine rank. A business that fails to invest in this will simply fall behind as their competitors move up the rankings and drive customers to their site.

The increasing competition space with the growth of online makes it even more important to invest in this area and constantly seek out competitive advantages.


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