The advancement in technology has positively impacted every phase of our lives. With the advent of cloud storage, internet, mobile devices, and different software, it is possible to work from anywhere these days without getting restricted within the walls of the traditional office setup.

When working with a company or just starting a business, it is possible to determine where to work from. So, this article aims to shed light on the dilemma of choosing between a home office and shared office space to know which of them is better.


Working from the comfort of your home, you stand to enjoy several benefits of being in your home where you are familiar with the setup, ambiance, layout, and also the subjective feeling. Home office offers several advantages, and also, it has its limitations as briefly explained below.

Pros of Home Office

  1. Convenience

Running a home office offers you a lot of flexibility to work whenever you wish, however you want, without any formalities. The pre-work traffic stress is eliminated, no distractions from colleagues or employees diving straight into your office for any discussion, and commuting is entirely cut out.

  1. Cost Saving

Using your home as your office saves you a lot of money and puts a significant amount of money into your pocket regarding rent, transportation, lighting and heating bills, and much more, all because you choose to work from the comfort of your home. You can cut down on expenses.

  1. Increased Productivity

Selecting a home office gives you the privilege to work anytime, without restraints by the stipulated office hours. When you have a project you are working on, a home office allows you to tackle it all day long and throughout the night without leaving there for home until you achieve your goal. Thus, you can get a lot more done at your home office than going to a traditional workplace setup.

Cons of Home Office

  1. Lack of Business Impression

A home office is highly informal, and a potential client may not have the impression of being in a formal arrangement. Using your home address for a meeting with your clients will not have the desired impact you expect.

  1. Lack of Structure

It is challenging to treat the home environment exactly like a shared office in terms of focus, productivity, and structure. You tend to waste a lot of time at home believing that you are at home and you can get started anytime you are ready, unlike the shared office.

  1. Loneliness

Staying all alone in the home office five days a week can be so boring and lonely, due to no social interaction with others.


Working in an environment specially designed for official duty or work also has its benefits and disadvantages.

Pros of Shared Office Space  

  1. Formality

Working in a shared office space makes you appear established, and you stand a better chance of winning businesses as your image gets projected as an established business.

  1. Focus

Knowing that there are people around you and that there is no family distraction, you can focus all of your attention on your work.

  1. Facilities/Amenities

Shared office space will undoubtedly have some amenities and facilities. If the space is serviced, clean and provides key products like hand sanitiser, furniture, a kitchen and other essentials it can make your work more relaxed, more productive, and more successful.

Cons of Shared Office Space

  1. Financial Implication

You will pay rent, equip and furnish the office, running expenses, and other expenses that come with working in a formal environment.

  1. Commuting/Transportation

You would need to transport yourself to work and experience the traffic and other inconveniences.


Deciding which is better between a home office and shared office space is a dependent on individuals, the nature of work/job and access to cash.


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