Every year there are certain trends that play a major role in video marketing. Because these trends can increase engagement levels and draw in more viewers, it would be a good idea to focus on them.

Although it is still early in year, there are already several video marketing trends that you should be aware of, and seem to be having a big impact on engagement:

  • Mobile video formats

As the number of people watching videos on mobile devices continues to grow, it should come as no surprise that mobile video formats are proving to be more and more engaging. In particular ‘square’ videos that are mobile-optimized and occupy more screen real estate seem to be the way to go for video marketing. Another format that has grown tremendously in popularity is that of vertical videos, but it is still confined to a few platforms in particular (i.e. Snapchat).

  • Live videos

Livestreaming videos seems to have picked up where it left off last year, and continues to have a bigger and more pronounced impact. Not only has it been proven to be an engaging form of content, but it also allows businesses to connect more directly with their customers in their marketing videos – through content such as webinars, Q&A sessions, or even AMA videos.

  • 360 videos and Virtual Reality (VR)

While still not quite commonplace, 360 videos are starting to be easier to produce as improved 360 cameras that are cheaper start to emerge. On top of the fact that VR continues to grow and more people now own VR headsets have boosted its popularity as well. For now this trend is most relevant to video marketing as a form of novelty content, but that may well change in the near future.

  • Bite-sized videos

One trend that continues to dominate video marketing (especially on social media) is that of bite-sized videos. Although there are exceptions where longer videos are able to engage viewers, in general bite-sized videos that are short and direct tend to have higher engagement levels on average. As things stand this trend isn’t going anywhere, and regardless whether it is video content for marketing or video advertisements – short and ‘snackable’ seems to be the way to go.

Make no mistake as much as these trends look set to shape video marketing for this year that does not mean they are the only forms of marketing videos that you should focus on. In fact using Movavi’s screen recording software to create how-to guides, interviews, and other forms of engaging content would be a good option too – especially if you make sure they are bite-sized, and mobile-friendly.

Whether you want to record short videos, or produce and edit impressive pieces of content, Movavi’s screen recording apps contain a varied selection of different solutions. With their help you should be able to easily record the footage that you need from your screen and transform it into compelling and engaging content for your video marketing needs.


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