WordPress is still growing increasingly popular. A fact that has not escaped many mainstream media sites, as more and more pour into the WordPress sphere of influence.This is a brand new list of website themes for WordPress users. They all provide a simple interface that works with point and click, customizer, or drag and drop editors. These themes are not only interesting for WordPress beginners, but also for the senior developers in the WP industry. Moreover, they are all from reputable developers and marketplaces, and can be used for a number of websites, including WordPress restaurant themes, best wordpress travel themes, and much more.


Tavern Restaurant WordPress Theme
Tavern Restaurant WordPress Theme

This theme is a clear recommendation for all fans of minimalism. It focuses the viewer on the content and allows for unnecessary things as a sidebar completely gone. Included in the price you have reservation/booking features that match everything else and thus completes the package for the cost of USD $58

“Grand Restaurant” is also minimalistic, but offers many more possibilities than the first theme. Two Blog Templates, a selectable Sidebar position an extensive background image on the home page and a logo are just some of the possibilities. The cost of this theme is 58 USD on ThemeForest.


Resca has been thought by the developers as a restaurant theme, but can be found with certainty a lot more uses for this theme. In its free version, it already has the use of Google fonts, a logo and background image uploader, Social Icons and Custom widget areas. The paid version is available for 39 dollars.


“The Restaurant” is the perfect theme for photo-heavy content and can not only represent recipes, like the presentation suggests. Custom backgrounds, slide shows on the home page, custom colors and a private header are just a few highlights of the theme.


ROSA is a very versatile Theme. Whether used as a business theme or for your own blog, with this theme you can hardly do anything wrong. The theme has so many features that you do not to list them all. There is no Pro version to buy, but the free Theme leaves so many expensive Theme look old. I recommend here the theme of Access page Press to visit to make detailed information.


Elixir was developed for use as news, forums or Magazine- Theme. It offers a custom background and custom colors. Quidus is a typical, three-column blog theme with two sidebars, both of which can be assigned to widgets. It also features a custom background and custom colors.


Pronto is a simple, simple blogging theme with little adjustment. There offers a focus on your content and is quickly installed and configured.


COLORMAG is a Magazine or News Theme, which can also be used for a sophisticated, personal blog, of course. It offers a variety of options, such as a slider on the homepage, eight additional widgets, a logo, custom colors, social icons and a completely personalized to formative Home. Attention should be drawn to the free support for this theme in the Forum of developers.

The Fast News Magazine Theme is a highly adaptable to personal needs Magazine Theme. It not only provides a lot of different home pages and blog layouts, but also a responsive design, unlimited sidebars, some sliders and several widgets. Add to this its own logo, theme options and so on.

LemonChili is a funny, but good, adaptable to personal needs Magazine Theme. It has a responsive design, unlimited sidebars and several widgets. Add to this its own logo, theme options and so on.

What you can do with these themes? Many, many things! You can completely focus on your design without having to worry about code and error. themes are fully integrated in WordPress and not designed as an attachment. This allows you to do a lot of settings directly in the Theme Customizer as an example. Your design is universally applicable. The main advantage of themes is its expandability with predefined themes and style kits that allow you to add new features. This theme gives your WordPress site an extra lift for sure.

More and more designers are working with WordPress. And the result is thousands of WordPress themes in the official WordPress directory and some good, high quality sites have been subimtted that will help facilitate the reputation of WordPress designers broadly speaking.



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