Have you or someone you know recently said the following: “What’s the deal with online marketing, anyway?”

While it might seem like the kind of question a stand-up comedian opens a routine with, the source of the question is no laughing matter. See, online marketing is so often overlooked – even though having an online presence and reputation is more important than ever before! For Ottawa entrepreneurs, online marketing should matter to you, because without it, your startup won’t ever truly get off the ground.

Digital or online marketing isn’t just writing blogs. Overall, this form of marketing has to deal with connecting with individuals and transforming them into loyal customers through websites, email, content, mobile apps, e-commerce, SEO, and more. Within every facet of online marketing is a benefit, or for the Ottawa entrepreneur, a reason to begin digital marketing ASAP.


Today’s marketing landscape is a blend of traditional and modern techniques. Just like billboards, your website is a place to transmit your message to the world. Having social media accounts, a blog, videos, and other content means you get to generate interest in what you are offering and create a brand. Thus, people will be more likely to use your services when you become a reputable name in your niche or industry.


All Ottawa entrepreneurs should know that if you don’t exist on the internet in some form, you might as well be invisible. A strong digital presence will accelerate your growth like never before. With more people using the smartphones to search for local businesses and engage with them in some form, it means that the first impression is mainly coming from the internet. Thus, without online marketing, you miss millions of chances to gain attention.


Sure, you might be reluctant to adopt digital marketing for your startup or small business…but think about all the competition that is fully immersed in the internet. The store next door to you might be doing better simply because they are listed on Google Maps and you aren’t. In order to stay ahead of the competition, Ottawa entrepreneurs need online marketing.

The longer you go without having an online presence, the more customers you lose to the competition.

Customers Have Changed

Mentioned previously was how customers are using the internet to search for local businesses. Instead of driving or walking by a business to see what it is like, most people will take out their smartphone to look for a website or photographs for information. People nowadays expect websites, content, and social media. If you haven’t realized this, you aren’t even meeting minimum customer expectations.


If you still don’t see the value of online marketing for the present day entrepreneur, then at least see the worth in the data. Simply put, having numbers and analytics means that your website and digital marketing endeavors are leaving a trail. You will be able to see who you are influencing, who is interested in your business, and you can then use that information to better your business. The data helps you strategize moment by moment.


There are dozens of arguments about how digital marketing doesn’t matter for entrepreneurs, but in places of opportunity, like the capital of Canada, having a successful online marketing campaign is going to boost your sales and your success. With the digital world so ingrained in modern times, not having an online presence means you won’t exist in the mind of the customer!

For Ottawa entrepreneurs, digital marketing is never done. It is an ongoing effort, so stay consistent and keep churning out that content.


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