WordPress is one of the most robust and flexible CMS (Content Management Systems) for your site in today’s market, and with over 25% of the entire internet running on this system, it’s safe to say that it’s also the first choice of many developers and business owners out there.

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is its flexibility in terms of themes and plugins. Plugins let us easily add the features we want on our website. Jetpack is a plugin of WordPress powered by Automattic.

Jetpack works by linking the gap between WordPress.com & WordPress.org. To activate Jetpack one needs to sign up for WordPress.com account. By signing up you can access all the features that can be used on your self-hosted WordPress.org.

Jetpack resembles the container of plugins than just a plugin and this is the thing that makes it extraordinary.  When this plugin is activated you gain access to a lot of different features that can be added to your site. This plugin manages your website appearance, your site security, image optimization, website performance, traffic growth, and a lot more.

Jetpack plugin is the blend of essential features of WordPress in a single huge plugin. It lets you operate the features that you actually want to use while the features you don’t need, can be turned off.

There’s a myth about Jetpack plugin that it slows down your site, but that’s not true. It doesn’t slow down your site automatically. Unless the feature is activated the code won’t be running in the background. The weight of plugin completely depends on your requirement. It’s completely in your hands whether to install all the features or only some of them. Also, the plugin developer continuously works on updating the plugin for its betterment to make sure about the performance of the plugin. So, you don’t need to worry about the speed of your site.

The Jetpack plugin is huge in terms of its features. Majority of the jetpack features are free of cost. However, some additional features like backups, scanning, marketing tools etc are included in the Premium and Professional package.

The most useful features of Jetpack:

Bundled free and premium WordPress themes

Install themes with just one click and make your website look just the way you want. Choose within plenty of themes from their showcase and search for them by name, theme, colour, style or type. All the tools are made available which lets you easily customize and change your website’s design.

Brute force attack protection

The major feature of this plugin is that it monitors your website every now and then for any unusual activity. It safeguards your website by preventing you from the most common form of hacking – brute force attack. A brute force attack may slow down your site or put the content of your website at risk. Jetpack protects your website from unauthorized access by automatically blocking these attacks.

Daily backup

One of the most neglected things by a site owner is – backup! Backups are really…really important. Jetpack takes daily or real-time backup of your site. This helps to save you from the disaster of accidental errors that cause website destruction. No matter what your site is about – losing all your website data can be little disheartening. For this reason- Jetpack keeps a complete copy of your website in a secured, third-party location.

Site Stats

Trying to figure out what can you do to attract more visitors? Site stats will help you collect data about your website to analyze how many people are coming to your site and what they are looking at. It makes the most popular metrics simple to figure out with an easy to use interface.


This feature is available only with the professional package of Jetpack plugin. The default search of WordPress may not fulfill the need of your visitors. Elasticsearch not only boosts the search experience but also helps to increase the overall performance of your website.

Spam Filtering

It’s not feasible to manually moderate every comment on your website to verify the legitimate content. But this feature automatically filters out spam- comments, pingbacks, & contact forms in order to avoid your site getting blacklisted in search engines.

Unlimited CDN

Content is one of the factors resulting in the speed of your site. Do you want less load time and faster images for your visitors? If yes, then this feature is for you. CDN is image acceleration and modification service for your sites hosted on WordPress and Jetpack connected WordPress sites. CDN delivers your website content from distributed and high speed data centers. This helps in website speed and maintains performance.

Uptime Monitoring

Even a single minute of downtime may affect your business revenue and reputation. With Jetpack you can be carefree as it keeps a watch on your website every now and then. You will be notified instantly via email/SMS if the website downtime is detected or even if it is back online.

Recommended WordPress & Jetpack hosting provider

Choosing the best WordPress hosting is an important factor as it will help you with your website’s SEO and sales. MilesWeb is top notch WordPress & Jetpack provider that serves you with important tools to fully customize and secure your WordPress website. The hosting plan for WordPress starts from $6.75/mo onwards. Their hosting includes in-built Jetpack plugin. This means you don’t have to buy Jetpack plugin separately for your WordPress website.


Jetpack is a powerful plugin and most of all; it maintains the balance between security, speed and functionality. Now, you know from the reasons listed above-Jetpack is useful and has lots of benefits to offer and so, it is a must have plugin for WordPress users.


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