It has been a long and trying journey since the Stone Age, the prehistoric era, where stones were used in creating tools and hardware, like the first wheel. Technology is so far integrated into our lives that it is difficult to even imagine a time without it.

Every year new technology continues to emerge, either as an improvement of existing models or as entirely new concepts. These innovations seek to improve lives of every individual and the society as a whole. Let’s take a look at the tech that will greet the morning sun in the year 2018:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been in existence for a while. However, it was available only to a limited number of people, mainly the big tech corporations.

It is believed that, although the development of AI will be significant this year, it will remain within the grasp of a few higher corporations and business, while the smaller and medium-sized enterprises will be left to bite the dust.

AI will be incorporated into apps and online services at some level and run unobtrusively in the background.

Digital Twins

It is a digital replica of the real-world system, linked to real-world objects. They provide insight into the state of the said object by responding to any and all changes and allow improvement of operations.

It can be used to develop industrial assets and processes. It combines data and intelligence to predict and optimize performance.

The digital twins will find use in areas like healthcare, automobile repair, and services, manufacturing industries, even retail, and electronics.

Edge Computing

With the rise in technology and the population actively using it, there are numerous devices connected to the internet servers at one time generating massive amounts of data making transport to and from servers difficult and slow.

In 2018, these cloud systems are sure to improve by embracing edge computing systems. The content, computing, and processing will move closer to the source of the data, the edge, rather than a central hub. It will increase the speed with which the connected devices perform tasks, allowing companies to capture, store, and process raw data without any worries or hindrances.

Edge commuting will improve response time in telecommunications, provide real-time analysis of data, can be used in automobile repair and maintenance, IT, even agriculture.

Blockchain Technology

This innovation will help remove any discrepancies in data and foul-play within companies and relevant transactions. The blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger that records any and all data for business as well as trade across computers. This record cannot be altered without damaging and blocking the whole system, thereby, eliminating any chance of suspicious activity.

Blockchain will provide security for data, allows transparency with transactions and faster operations in fields like healthcare, banking, real estate as well as crypto-currency.

Intelligent Things

Artificial intelligence and machine learning combine to create a more sophisticated way for machines to work autonomously or semi-autonomously without supervision. Some devices wouldn’t exist without AI whereas others are merely smart versions of their predecessors like smart-cameras.

Intelligent things are convenient and more comfortable to use, provide improved operational planning and regulations as well as safety and environment benefits.


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