Windows 10 is the new operating system which comes with latest features. This operating system helps a user to access computer elegantly. It has the powerful start menu and UI switches, mouse friendly modes.  It contains lots of improvement than another operating system.

Without any hitch, the user installs software on their required time. There are ways you can upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 at free of charge but sometimes it can run into issues and you may not be able to properly run an upgrade.

If you would like to install windows 10 just look at the procedure to upgrade within few minutes. The wmi provider host helps to process installation without any risks.  It has new features and makes you operate various things on your computer. Fast internet connection makes instant installation process and shows lots of icons. It assists to keep important files in the specific place and restore all files on the disk.

 Step to upgrade to Windows 10:

To activate this operating system you must have the copy of the software from the online site.  Specifically, you need the activated copy of the software. Before going to install the operating system you have to consider essential things to activate without any issue.

You must take a backup of files that you stored on your computer. If update the operating system all stored files are removed so you have to take back up copies.  It detects anticipate risks on upgrading.

In addition, you also turn off antivirus software on your computer.   You have lots of ways to update operating system but this step gives clear guidance to update at any time. Here step by step guide will be given for people who like to update operating system with the latest version.

  • A user has to open this site to upgrade your system
  • Choose download now on the page
  • It takes few minutes to complete downloading of the software
  • Now you have to click on the upgrade this PC now option and choose next. If you like to install windows 10 on your PcCyou have to download it first. Within simple steps, you upgrade properly without any issues. By using disc and flash drive user might install it easily on the computer. The tool helps to download software quick and fast.  Preparation process will go to download some files that take time to complete an installation. If you have the high speed of internet connection it takes few seconds.
  • It navigates to next page and shows license terms on your screen. You should click on Accept option; you wait for few minutes updates. If you have less internet speed it takes several minutes.
  • Now you need to select install button, it let you wait for twenty to thirty minutes for copy files on a computer. It takes more time for the reboot.
  • The login screen of windows 10 display on a screen, you have to select next on the screen
  • Click on use express settings. If you need you also make some changes later
  • Choose next button on new apps. Computer says to finalize your settings, take to lock screen
  • You need to log in a computer, it takes a couple of minutes to process initial setup and open desktop window.

Look at above-mentioned steps to upgrade your computer with windows 10 operating system. It is elegant to understand and make installation process quick and fast.


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