According to a study conducted by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners), the loyalty quotient is higher amongst Android user compared to iOS user; 91% for Android OS and 86% for iOS. Perhaps, this is the reason that businesses are focusing more on Android solutions. Well, they do give a fair share to iOS users as well, but as far as priority is concerned Android is taking the lead.

The world has transformed itself into a mobile family; regarding fast, connected commute and communication. For vendors, it’s a customers’ pain point based on the way they live and behave under specific conditions.

For instance, an Android user wants to order pizza, and his preferred brand isn’t offering it what he needs he will turn to try some other vendor. The game is fierce, my friend. Yes, I am addressing the business owners and marketers. It pertains to the rising demand of mobile app solutions – mandatory for business success. But, first, figure out the consumer behavior and determine the favorable demographics. This perspective varies according to your business industry, target market, and consumer trends.

Let’s say; you want to build an online food ordering android mobile app then you like it to be well-structured, interactive and maintainable. And, you are just a restaurant owner with little knowledge about app development. Now, this is your pain point that a development firm will cash. The android application development company has the required human capital to deliver you what you want and, certainly, within the finance you can pool in for the project.

Is it worth giving your product to the third-party?

Here comes the Good, Bad and naturally the Ugly of the outsourcing.

The Good:

  • Time-saving

You don’t need to spend time in recruiting and supervising the human capital you need for mobile app development project.

You can invest this time on other important tasks like marketing and business development.

  • Cost efficiency

Financial benefits are high. The in-house resources cost more. You have to pay for employee benefits in addition to basic salary. The training and retention of full-time employees increase the estimated cost of the in-house team.

  • Improved management

As you are mentally free from the stress of app development, you can manage other departments in a better way. This will make you a happy-go-lucky person.

  • Better market analysis

A professional software development firm can perform better market analysis and hence, providing you a custom mobile application. Well, it’s possible only when the hired agency has commendable portfolio and experience in your target industry.

  • Strategic optimization

Only the experts can do that. As a business person, you cannot direct and lead the development team because it’s not your domain.

The strategic optimization of your desired app merely is out of the question. Allow the reliable and skilled developers to take on such a challenging project.

  • Highly qualified experts

Outsourcing means your project is under the supervision of highly trained professionals.

Only they know how a code functions across multiple platforms and which programming language and tools will help in app development that it won’t crash ever.

  • Faster project turnout

It’s all about professional integrity. The companies well-versed in their jobs always deliver the customers their required assets efficiently and timely. They have to meet the deadlines. So, you will get each deliverable stage in a set period.

The Bad:

  • No direct meetings

You need to travel a long way to meet the service provider. Startups, usually, don’t spend much in this regard. Even if they invest in reaching directly to the service provider, they cannot afford it more than once.

  • Different time zones

Now, if you are in the middle east and your development firm is in the USA, the time difference could trouble you. But, usually, the distant companies adjust their times according to the client’s ease. Well, you may not have quick amendments to your project because of different time zones. You have to wait for the team to wake up.

  • Limited control

Just like you cannot directly meet the people working on your project, you will have nearly no power on a mobile app.

The hired resource is responsible for regulating everything. You have to wait for their updates about the project.

The Ugly:

Lack of contract’s enforceability.

No matter how carefully you prepared and finalized a business contract with a mobile app solution provider, you cannot enforce it like the way you can consider for an onshore service provider. It’s their professional integrity that they stay true to the agreement.

For example, you mention in the contract that you will be the sole proprietor of the source code and the project delivery time. Now, the firm follows the first clause, but delays in the delivery. You cannot do anything about it unless you add the penalty clauses if your project gets late in any case.

Well, the small businesses and startup companies usually don’t take legal action because of the high stakes on time and money. So, they prefer to get their project with the soonest possibility. But, yes, don’t revert to the same firm who already messed up with your project.

Overall, the outsourcing of mobile app development is a beneficial decision.  Be careful in selecting your outsourcing partner.


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