The 21st century can aptly be tagged the ‘Age of Ease’. The days when everyone must go out to get a job and wait for the weekly paycheck are gone. In its place, there are now days when anyone can sit in front of a computer at their home den and make money that is much more than the amount being made by those who push the daily 9-5 office jobs. The key that has opened these boundless opportunities is the Internet. With many businesses and brands joining in the global village online and looking for a means to gain publicity and higher income flow, there is the increased need for professionals who would be able to work from the comfort of their homes and produce quality. In this list, the basic tools that you would need are a functioning computer, good Internet connection and constant electricity. If you are already tired of the daily office hustle, join as this article explores some of the best options available, which includes, but not limited to, paper writing help.

Virtual online teacher– Have you ever fancied the idea of becoming an online Tutor that helps students achieve their dreams of top grades? How does it work? The traditional system of getting a home tutor for kids is gradually phasing away as there have been reported cases of parents employing tutors who molested the kids that were to be taught. Also, with the advent of the Internet and sources such as Wikipedia, the grades of many students has encountered a regular dip in student performance through the years due to the lack of quality. Due to this fact, there has been the need for online tutors who will work with kids and students to increase their learning. As an online Tutor, you would need to acquire a fully functioning computer and Internet connection. Then, you can go on to register for in order to find students who are looking for tutoring in your field. When you get such students, you can easily fix your schedule to align with theirs and then negotiate on the price to be paid for the tutoring sessions. The good thing about online Tutoring is that you can tutor anyone from across the world and take up more than one student at a time. You ultimately determine how flexible your time will be and if they love your mode of teaching, there can be easy referrals.

Website Tester– This is one of the best online jobs that you can ever get at this period. Many website owners are looking for the ways to better serve their daily visitors. They wish to know the opinion of other people concerning information relating to the design of the website, the speed it takes for the pages to load and the overall feel of the website. In order to do this, they usually reach out to platforms such as, and, in order to request for professional website testers. As a Web Tester, you would need to register for such platforms where you will be give a website to review. Upon testing everything that is required, you many be expected to give your entire analysis through a short video which would be made available to the company that paid for the website to be tested. Professional Web testers earn up to 20 dollars per hour and it is a fine vocation you could pick up within the confines of your home.

Freelancing– What is freelancing, and why is it the rave of the moment? Freelancing entails the offering of your special services to individuals as well as corporations on the Internet and there are a variety of skills that you can offer. One of the best selling skills that you can offer on the Internet is Graphics design. This entails the design of numerous things such as personal greeting emails for websites, design of brand logos, clothing designs and a whole range of other products. In order to render graphics design, you must have mastered one design ICT skill that may include applications such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and other design applications. As a graphics designer, you could remain in the comfort of your home and craft revolutionary designs that you can then pitch to many companies online. In order to pitch the design, you may decide to register with LinkedIn that is the best platform for professionals and companies. The most renowned Graphics designers have stunning profile pages on LinkedIn and are often approached by budding brands and corporations to design products. Then, such graphics designers are paid good money for their efforts while some also enjoy the benefit of the publicity. For those who may be discouraged in using LinkedIn to get clients, there are numerous freelancing websites like Freelancer, Elance, Fiverr, Upwork and others where you can immediately register as a freelancer and sell your services. Another blossoming field of freelancing which you could chose to engage in, is writing. Many people, who have the passion for writing and do not wish to restrain themselves by working under any organization, have chosen freelance writing as their new hobbies. For example, if you are a brilliant author who has written many books and understand the rubrics of writing a brilliant plot, you could help other people achieve their dreams of becoming authors by offering to ghostwrite their entire novels while being paid good money for it. There are also many people who may have written their books but need someone to look through. In taking up the job as a proofreading expert, you can help them fashion their book into becoming best sellers while you get paid. As a freelance writer, you may choose to focus on writing strictly for online magazines. There are numerous niches that you can choose to write in such as Gossip, Humor, Politics, Religion, and Health. You can also work as a thesis helper.


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