Is your basement protected from water entering during rainy season? If not, your basement is prone to leaks which can lead to water damages. Water damages can result in a significant financial loss, especially if it’s not discovered early and corrected promptly. Therefore, it is crucial to inspect your basement for possible leaks in order to prevent high costs of repair caused by water damages.

Here are the six ways to inspect your basement for leaks:

  1. Check for Musty or Moist Odor

Check for a musty or moist odor in your basement. Signs of a musty or moist odor reveal the likelihood of water seepage. This is also an indication of hidden water that could facilitate the growth of mold which is a serious health hazard.

  1. Look Out For Peeling Paint, Water Stains, Lifted Floor Tiles or Swollen Baseboards

Check the paint on your basement. If the paint is peeling, you have a leaky basement! You should also check for water stains, lifted floor tiles, and swollen baseboards as an indication for leaks in your home.

  1. Check the Window Panels

Inspect the window panels and seals around the doors and windows into the basement. Look out for signs of water stains or removal of seals to detect water leaks in your home.

  1. Check for Cracks in the Foundation

Check for cracks in the foundation. These are visible both inside and outside. Cracks in the foundation are more visible in the Spring and Summer. You can hire a home inspector to examine the foundation by checking crawl spaces or unfinished areas in your basement.

  1. Touch Moist Spots

Check for moist spots. If you notice wet, moist spots on the wall, touch it and see if it seems like a salty mark that feels sandy or dusty. If this is the case, you have have water seepage in your basement. In addition to the moist spots, you should check if items in your basement feels wet or damp.

  1. Listen Attentively

Try to listen attentively. If water is leaking in your home, especially in your basement, you’ll hear the sound of water trickling. You can do this by placing a stethoscope on the wall or floor of your basement.

Once you have discovered water leaks in your basement, it is important to immediately stop the water leakage. Don’t wait for excessive moisture to affect the foundation of your home and result in paying thousands of dollars in structural repairs.

You should contact a plumber that specializes in basement waterproofing services like Draintony. Basement waterproofing is an effective water control method to keep water out and maintain a safe and dry environment.


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