Instagram has yet again made another platform for passing out information’s, adverts to fellow users. One minute quick review of your Instagram video and pictures

  • Do you want to market your products?
  • Promote your business?

Engage your followers? Entrepreneurs and marketers should be excited because Instagram users are up to 300 million and counting, it’s a testing ground to advertise your brand, there are links for each Instagram video, and it’s also an opportunity to drive traffic and a way to be discovered. You can buy Instagram video views pretty easily these days and I do recommend you do because it gives your video that boost that is needed.

These are 4 ways in which Instagram videos can be used for a business advert.


You are about to launch a new product and you want your viewers to be aware and anticipate towards the arrival of the product. Create an Instagram video about the product, probably the features or what the product is all about. Give your viewers something to wait on, and with the way the advert was made, your followers could help you share the video to other followers, and so that’s how your product spreads throughout Instagram. This will help get you views on your Instagram video.


Hold contests, promos, brain teasers, games that will make your audience anxious and willing to know more about your product. It could be a buy one and get two free offer. Doing this you get more participation especially when there are lots of prizes to be won or a lot of gains as to buying the product. This is also a way to reward your following.


A little inspiration might go a long way; Instagram videos are simple and so straightforward. Give your viewers a little boost, inspirational quotes on how to start a great week. This will really help, especially on those days that you’re wondering what to post.


A lot of viewers probably have questions about your product, this is a way to answer those questions, even if you can’t answer all, you can choose the most asked questions and put it in form of a video. It also clears doubts of your followers about your product, some want to know how authentic it is. You can use this platform to send your messages to your viewers.

An Instagram video can boost your business activity to the next level if only you’ve good insights on what to display on your story about your product. Be creative and most importantly pass on good information about your products. Take all these tips into consideration and watch your Instagram video views skyrocket!


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