Whether you’re using Instagram for pleasure or business, you probably dream of a higher follower count – and rightly so. A large amount of followers not only boosts your confidence – it also boosts your business, and can be the springboard for new opportunities.

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social platforms with over 200 million active users monthly – and not without reason. The platform is perfect for both networking, sharing content and, not least, building an Instagram following. So if you are stuck at a few hundred followers on Instagram, how do you then proceed to build?

Stay on a theme

If your ambition for using Instagram is a high followers number, you must ensure that your profile follows a clear direction. Finding a theme for your Instagram profile is one of the most important factors if you want to increase the number of followers. If you’re trying to promote your company’s product or service, please stay with content on that particular subject – and share your private photos of family, friends, and pets from a separate private profile.

Instagram Schedule Post

We recommend scheduling posts to be shared with your followers automatically, this way you can spend some time once in a while, and make a large amount of submissions ready to be published over the next period of time, without you having to log on at odd hours to press send. This is a great way to get more real followers on Instagram, and is not frowned upon.

Fill out your bio

In addition to your profile name and profile picture on Instagram, your biography reflect your profile’s theme, so your Instragram bio should also make clear what topics you are writing about. Remember also to take advantage of the ability to insert a link in your bio. You can only insert one link in your bio and also do not have the option to insert links in your image descriptions. Take advantage of the option to insert this one link and refer to your website, eCommerce store, blog or similar. By inserting a link in your bio on Instagram, you also have the opportunity to refer to this link in the description of your photos. For example: “Read my latest blog post. See link in bio. ”

Like a lot of pictures

Now that your own Instagram profile is in place, it’s time to get followers. The easiest way to increase your follower count is to like a lot of pictures. Start by liking images that are related to your own content. When you like other profile images, you’ll find that many of the profiles will also like your pictures – and maybe even follow your profile. Another way to increase your follower count is to search for popular tags and like these. Like as many pictures you can.

Comment, comment, comment

Of course, it takes longer to comment on other people’s Instagram photos than just like them, but it’s also much more effective. Try to comment on as many photos as your schedule allows. The fewer comments the picture has, the greater the chance that the image’s owner will follow you. With compliments when you’re far.

That’s a few different tips on how to manage your Instagram account for more followers, if you have any more suggestions let us know in the comments!


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