When it comes to Family Law it is so important to find the best of the best. Delicate and personal matters such as adoption, child custody, child support, and divorce need to be handled with sincerity and extreme professionalism.

Unfortunately, when some people think of lawyers they tend to have a negative association, however, all attorneys cannot be painted with the same brush. In Sydney alone, there are many different practices that pride themselves on their competence, expertise, and grace in difficult scenarios.

This article will detail how to find the best family law lawyers in Sydney who will ensure that clients have the best peace of mind.

Choose based on experience: When seeking the best family law lawyers in Sydney it is important to choose based on experience. This can be done by reading testimonials featured on the company’s website, completing a Google search for reviews, establishing how long the company has been practicing law and finding out information about their past cases.

The best attorneys will be more than happy to provide the outcome of their previous cases and it may even be beneficial to walk away from companies who are not willing to share this information. The more time and effort spent on researching experience, the more likely you are to find a savvy and capable lawyer.

Choose based on expertise: While family law is its own expertise, it is often beneficial to find someone who has the skillset to match a particular case. For example, employing a professional who specialises in divorce law is vital during a divorce proceeding.

Furthermore, seeking out a lawyer that is accredited is a sure way to establish if they offer high-quality law services. The best companies will include areas of expertise and accreditations on their website and marketing material, but if this is not shown it is perfectly acceptable to call a company to decipher where their specialities lie.

Choose base on availability: If a professional is not sure that they can take on another client, then it is probably the case that they cannot. Finding someone that has the time to take calls, reply to emails, and schedule appointments is imperative when seeking a smooth-running case.

In order to find the best, first establish how long they think the case will take and find out if they can fit it into their schedule. If not, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a recommendation of someone who has more time on their hands.

It is vital that you feel heard and important during these tough cases, so choosing someone based on their availability is the key to a productive experience.

Can explain legal jargon: Lawyers have their own special language which can be very difficult for clients to understand. Finding someone who is happy to explain legal jargon sets apart the best from the rest.

Ensuring that a client understands contracts, is on board with proceedings and feels 100% safe is extremely important, so finding a professional that is happy to explain all of the ins and outs is crucial.

Many clients do not understand the way the legal system works in NSW and many are under the assumption that asset allocation is distributed evenly, or that child custody is reasonable to both parents.

A great attorney will explain that Family Law is only concerned with what they deem to be reasonable for the child and that a fifty/fifty assets split is often not the objective of the court.

Staying informed with all of information possible helps reduce the number of surprises in the long run and can take any unwanted stress out of the already emotional process.

Establish a fee first: The best businesses will be upfront with their costs and will provide their clients with the best and worst-case money scenarios. Court hearings can be adjourned if things go wrong and an honest company will explain what any turn of events will cost.

Many will offer partial fixed fees and will often display rough estimates on their websites and marketing material. Setting up a meeting to discuss costs can be a great first step when seeking an attorney.

Anyone that is not happy to discuss prices or avoids giving approximate costs may not be the best person to take on as a representative as this can cause stress and conflict down the track. While it may be unrealistic to provide exact costs, it is not unreasonable to be supplied with approximate fees.

To summarise, in order to find the best family law lawyers in Sydney it is important to research experience and expertise as well as establish an attorney’s availabilities. It is imperative to find out if a professional is happy to explain legal jargon and if a fee can be discussed prior to taking on a case.

Ensuring that research is performed before as well as having important discussions before hiring is the best way to solidify that the best choice is been made, and the best experience can be had during what is often a difficult time.




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