You realize as a business owner that change is unavoidable. Some of these adjustments will necessitate relocating your company. But what about your SEO strategy? Is it possible to avoid losing your local rating after relocating your office? Even if you have hired the best local SEO company in New York, this question of whether relocating your business will impact your local rankings will still pop up in your mind.

A digital transfer isn’t often as well-thought-out as a physical shift for most businesses, which might negatively influence local SEO. Due to misguided clients leaving unfavorable reviews, having outdated info on the internet can result in lost sales and significantly worsen your online rankings.

You can make an effective transition from one area to the next by making a few online and offline modifications, with only minor local ranking loss. Here’s a rundown of some of the most important aspects of a successful digital move.

Update your website:

When it comes to online rankings, your website is your first point of call. Starting here, you’ll ensure that visitors to your website receive accurate information.

To begin, go through your website and edit all locations where your address is published. It’s crucial to keep your audience informed by announcing your latest website change.

Here are a few common locations to check to ensure that your site displays the change of location and that any directions listed on your site are up to date:

  •       About Us page
  •       Contact page
  •       Site-wide footer
  •       Website header

Site Search:

There may be further instances of your phone number or address hidden inside the content of pages, as well as references to a prior town location. You can use Google to look for them by typing “site:” into the search box. This will bring up any pages that have the address on them that Google is aware of. Replace the old address with your phone number and repeat any phone numbers.

Schema Update:

Also, if your site has any schema code, you’ll need to adjust the address there too.

By checking the Html source, you may see if your website includes an address or phone number concealed in the schema code.

Update Google My Business Listings:

Now that you’ve updated your website, you should focus on improving your Google My Business listing. If you’ve moved into a location, whether it was a previous business or not, you’ll want to go to Google My Business and update their listing as closed.

Now, if you have a good relationship with the prior business at that location, you may approach their owner and whoever was in charge of their Google My Business profile to have that taken care of. If not, you’ll need to look for it and mark it as closed.

Change All Business Listings On The Web:

You can continue to the next stage, which is to find your company listings when you’ve updated or claimed and then updated your listing.

You’ll need to track down all of your listings, then update or claim them so you may make changes to them. Since each business directory on the internet is different, claiming may or may not be approved. If that’s the case, the technique for claiming the listing could be different. Regardless, claiming will speed up the process of updating the listings.

Update Your Records and Online Directories:

You’ll want to double-check that all federal agencies, as well as service providers like your internet provider, phone provider, and bank, have your current address. Ensure your new location is reflected in all internet directories where your consumers might look for you.

If you use Yelp or Angie’s List for advertising your business, for example, double-check that your address is correct. Please make the appropriate updates to your social media networks while you’re at it.

Final Thoughts

It’s all about paying attention to the small details of local SEO. When you keep track of your location information, wherever it appears online, you’ll see fewer fluctuations in your rankings and foot traffic when your company relocates.

You’ll also be in a better position to compete with nearby firms. More significantly, people will locate your store, and you will retain your loyal clients.

Local SEO is essential for companies who wish to succeed online. So, if you follow these guidelines, you’ll have a smooth transfer with minimum ranking loss. However, doing it all on your own can be tough. This is why it is always recommended to hire a professional local SEO agency. There are many such firms in NYC, but for the best and quickest results, you can rely on Mapit Marketing Group. It is one of the top-rated digital marketing agencies in town.