PPC advertising is constantly evolving, and as 2018 carries on greater changes will only continue to take place. New emergences of data and technology will always spark the next innovative idea that will make others follow suit. Here are some trends we expect to take off in 2018.

  1. Personal targeting

This year, companies will spend less time on the keywords they target and spend more time on the people searching for them. Segmented data information will enable companies to know more about their potential buyers and what motivates them, allowing them to create more nuanced campaigns with greater focus.

  1. More predictive campaigns

“The more data provided to companies, the more they know. Deeper research into people allows digital marketers to give the people what they want before launching a campaign. Also, with the many forms of media, companies are able to know the best ways (desktop, mobile, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.) to reach their desired audience, creating more conversions,” said a spokesperson for DigitalParc, a Minneapolis search engine optimization company.

  1. Optimizing Mobile

It’s no secret that companies have honing on mobile advertising for years now. Mobile advertising should be implemented into any decent marketing strategy, but it’s about how you do it that dictates conversion rates. Companies must structure their mobile marketing effort in a way that’s conducive to generating leads. The content made must work on multiple mobile platforms and not be too bloated that it confuses the consumer.

  1. Voice search

Long-tail keywords are more conducive to a natural voice. With voice search devices like the Google Home rising to prominence, and with built in assistants on phones, it may just be worth throwing some money into those keywords. This will also prompt companies to optimize their sites for voice search. Voice data will also be available for marketers to analyze, allowing for a more focused campaign yet again.


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