Love and fear are two extreme emotions of life. Love is a beautiful feeling and there are conditional love and unconditional one. Absence of love is fear. When it comes to love or heat involves in addition to brain. We can give unconditional love to a person and it has the power of heal anything. But fear destroys everything. We cannot live with fear and it stops us from going forward. Fear destroys everything and love constructs it. All research says that love is the best medicine with which you can heal anything. But we human make the world a better place to live with love. Here are the 5 reasons to choose love over fear. Read out bible verses about love over

  1. Love make this world a better place

Love has the power to make this world a better place to live. We have seen many example, around the world where fear destroyed many countries. War and conflict between countries will destroy the world. If we can spread love then the world will be good place. Even when we come to a relationship love has its own benefits when it. For example, when we consider a father son relationship love is the better option than creating a fear in his son. It will help to make your family strong and happy.

  1. Love makes everything positive

From scientific research it is evident that human brain only responds to positive things. Love is a positive emotion and fear is a negative emotion. When a person loves you will naturally love them. When somebody supports you then the brain shows a tendency to connect with that person. But when some tries to speak against you then you cannot feel any positive connection towards them. So, get rid of the emotion that stops you from anything. Spread happiness and love that brings every positivity towards you.

  1. Love enhances your courage and confidence

Love is the driving force of life. It can bring courage and confidence to you. If you fear anything them it is difficult to try something new. Without trying anything new success will be out of question. So, you can increase your confidence and try something new. Get rid of that emotion which blocks your success. Don’t think about failure because it is the fear that stops you. These are your limitation and no need to make you as a person with limitation. You can do everything by overcoming your fear and spreading love and happiness.

  1. Love teaches you the importance of sacrifice

Love is an emotion which need sacrifice. When you consider your life, you can see many great examples of scarifies.’ Love is what we were born with and fear we got it from here’. As this famous quote says love is there in all of us. It is us who should decide which one we want. We have seen many examples importance of sacrifices’ sometimes sacrifices makes you alone but will help to gain something.

  1. Selfless love makes you a perfect human being

All religions say to spread love in the world. It can destroy the ego in you. If you are loving someone just get rid of that ego in you and love them unconditionally. It makes you a good human being. Conditions are very bad when it comes to love. You cannot love someone who makes some conditions for it. Love is like a magnet and it can attract all positive things towards you. Likewise, it will stay away from all negativities like ego, fear. Conditions, fight etc. when your ego says everything will fall into place then you will get a piece but the spirit will say that first, you need to find your piece then rest everything will come to you. Love selflessly and be a good human being.


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