After watching a video on YouTube, you may want to save it to your computer. In this post, I’ll show you how to save YouTube videos using online services that are available for anyone. The applications are so powerful and easy to use that you download videos to your PC in no time. Let’s go through some of them.

I have found a particularly interesting site called This allows you to download videos from YouTube, and save them to your own computer or device locally so you can access them at any point in time, even without internet. There are a wide range of supported websites that you can freely download videos from. Now I will give you different methods of converting and downloading videos, to your choice, to your hard drive and in the format you want.

Method 1: The free way to convert YouTube videos online

The first and most powerful method of converting YouTube videos for free is with the aforementioned online application – This application is so specific and comprehensive that it will guide you through the process easily. And you do not even need to see a tutorial or training video to use this website, just go to the site and paste in the link to the video.

Personally, I do not need to sign up or sign in if I use this free YouTube video downloader. If you want to convert YouTube videos to MP3, simply enter the video’s URL and select MP3 as the output format.

This site also contains a list of the last downloaded videos, so you can be lucky and find that someone else has already converted the video you want to watch.  The search function also has a dropdown where the supported websites are located. All you have to do is search the video you want from the pages in the dropdown. The simple procedure to follow to download the video is to insert the video’s URL into the search box and select the quality to download.

Free Online Video Audio Converter

By using this you can convert videos to your hard drive to the format of MP3. From there you can always convert the mp3 file into something else should you wish, but that is rarely necessary. The website’s quality and ease of use are amazing. You do not have to register or login to use the service, it is available on the frontpage and not hidden away. All you have to do is look for the video you want to convert and then choose which format. You can choose whether to convert to a video or audio format, and you can also choose what quality. I’ll say again, this is a free online video converter, so you do not have to download software to use this tool. You can do it all online and it’s cool.


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