The top two challenges any of the startup or small-scale business used to face are limited workforce as well as insufficient cash flow. However, the internet creates a considerably low barrier to get into the e-com sector and allows any entrepreneurial aspirant to start a business with just a fresh idea and laptop.

World Wide Web also has created a virtual world where social media channels are the new medium for communications and online publishing. However, one who plans to get into it should know how to devote their time and limited resourced rightly to social media channels to make it the most beneficial for their business.

Using social media for business

You can use social media to boost your business, but you should remember that it requires some sound homework upfront, but the due diligence practiced can surely save you a lot of time and money when running properly. It can ensure excellent ROI (return on investment) and also help eliminate many necessary roles for your team if you focus rightly on adequate platforms. From Facebook to Snapchat, here let’s have an overview of the most suitable best social media platforms you can explore for business.

  1. Facebook

As per the latest stats, American citizen including men and women between ages of 25 – 50 make up about 32% of the Facebook users. About 9% of the users are between the ages of 18 – 24. So, the companies which are focusing more on the target group customers below 24 years, the need is just to have a Facebook presence but to concentrate more on other channels which the teenagers explore.

However, a company which focuses more on the age group between 25-50, Facebook will be the perfect social media channel for online marketing. Among these age group too more than 44% of the users used to check their Facebook feeds many times a day, so it will be ideal to invest in workforce and resources to publish new posts regularly to reach to potential customers.

  1. Snapchat

Another stat about social media usage among US citizen shows that under 60% of the Snapchat users are in the age group under 24 and there are more than about 100 million users who consume more than 30 minutes of content through this platform every day. So, for those businesses, which target the millennial are their potential consumer group, focusing on Snapchat social media channel is the ideal strategy.

Successful companies used to create unique video content, take a winning approach by releasing the behind-the-scenes footage, conducting interviews with the influential figures, and putting forth new collections to capitalize this free, but mighty marketing opportunity. Doing it effectively on Snapchat can win a loyal following from your target group.

Debt settlement

As a subsidiary topic, we may discuss debt management also for the small business, which is linked with the marketing and brand promotion activities they take up. Debt settlement is the process of taking up a significant and one-time payment to clear off the existing balances.

 If you too face the same situation at your business, it is ideal to go through several debt settlement reviews to identify whether it may be an excellent option for you to try and settle your debts to enjoy peace of mind. However, not all providers may be ideal to be relied on for debt settlement, but you need to be very thoughtful and do intensive research to identify the right opportunity.

Getting back to the initial discussion we had about social media for business, the next choice is:

  1. Instagram

An estimated 500 million users are there using the Instagram app with nearly 60% of the active users check it every single day, no doubt that Instagram is one channel to ensure a high reach. However, based on the latest algorithmic changes of this provider, the users may not be viewing the content in chronological order. It is now displayed based on an algorithm defined by the Instagram team, similar to that of Facebook, based on the relevance.

The disadvantage for business promoters using Instagram channel is that this change takes away the advantage for marketers to determine how many customers will get exposed to the timely posts. Another challenge on Instagram is that clickable links cannot be incorporated with the individual posts, which makes it impossible to get customers connected to your site directly from the app.

However, Instagram can be effectively used as an ideal brand building tool if you develop a decent following. For this one need keep on posting beautiful photos and videos. To ensure the marketing benefits, you may need to have a strategic plan to capitalize on about half a billion users on this platform.

  1. Pinterest

When it comes to Pinterest, the stats show that almost 42% of the female internet users in the US are there on Pinterest. So, for female-focused companies, Pinterest will be an ideal avenue to rely on for online marketing. Among these, about 34% of the Pinterest users are aged 18 to 30, and another 28% are between 30-50. It features a broad demographic of women to be easily reached through this unique platform.

So, if your product is about fashion, home décor, food, or art, you can try to create some alluring images, and Pinterest should act as the go-to destination to drive the targeted traffic to your business website. With the Pinterest buy button, you can add, you can also make it much easier to convert a visitor to a buyer at one click.

All in all, staying on top in the highly competitive social media landscape is pretty complicated and requires intense effort and unrelenting efforts. However, the time you invest in it by being knowledgeable about the nuances of this platform is entirely worth in terms of the sizable returns you can expect.

By rightly identify where your business fits on this spectrum and allocating your budget and time effectively into one or two most ideal platforms can surely yield the best results than trying to capitalize simultaneously on all platforms to enjoy mediocre results.

Author bio: Isabella Rossellini is works with leading digital marketing agency, and is also highly reputed as a blogger. Her blogs discussing internet marketing strategies, debt settlement reviews, and business fundraising are highly popular.



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