1. Professional experience

When hiring a wedding photographer, it is essential to confirm their experience and whether they are a professional or not. A professional will often be eager to show you their past shots that they’ve taken at other weddings, and be more than happy to brag about their experience. As such, these professionals will be able to turn your big day into something magical by bringing their in-depth knowledge to the table.

  1. They can offer you expert advice

Wedding photographers will often propose many suggestions for the upcoming marriage. They can predict which day may have the best weather for the lighting and background at the wedding.

Moreover, wedding photographers in Sydney can recommend their hidden locations so that you can have the perfect backdrop to your wedding photos. Art in photos is also subjective, a topic which couples can also consult with their photographers so that they can take photos which cater to a couple’s style and approach.

  1. They are reliable

When you hire a professional photographer you know they are going to be reliable. This is why the experience above is so important. There is a definite peace of mind for the bride when they know for a fact that they will be able to look back at the beautiful and elegant shots their photographer took for their magical day.

There are far too many horror stories out there of couples engaging with photographers without the proper knowledge or expertise, and end up with photos that left them unhappy and unsatisfied.

  1. But, It can be expensive

Hiring a wedding photographer is expensive. A professional photographer will leave you out of pocket in the hundreds, if not the thousands. Their accreditation often comes at a large cost, and in many cases, couples have dedicated a large portion of money towards making sure that they have a professional at their wedding.

However, photographers will often offer their customers with packages. These packages can provide large discounts and give ample relief for your budget. But for some couples, they simply can’t afford a photographer for the day. Don’t worry though, because there are still some alternatives available. 

  1. Alternative: hiring an amateur

If you really aren’t interested in hiring a professional for the special day, there are a number of alternatives available. There are always a number of aspiring wedding photographers in Sydney at local universities or schools, eager to take on a job. The only issue here is whether you can trust their lack of experience.

If you do decide to take this route, it’s best to engage them in person and confirm their reliability, and if you’re lucky you can find yourself saving thousands. 

  1. Alternative: doing it yourself

Another alternative is by doing it yourself. Although it will be cheaper, it still requires you to rent the proper equipment and then commit yourself to learning the art of photography, which will often takes hours.

If you have the spare time and simply can’t afford a professional, this is a tempting route, but for many on-looking couples, the months coming up to their wedding will be far too busy to even begin thinking about doing it themselves.

So, do you really need a wedding photographer?

Ultimately, the decision is personal, and one that must be carefully thought about. If you have the money, there is little reason not to hire a professional photographer for the simple peace of mind it can provide a couple on their special day. However, at the same time it can also be a killer for couples considering how expensive it is, to which there are a few alternatives available.


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