Times have changed and traditional travel agencies are used far less than they used to be. Travellers now rely more on the use of digital solutions for all their travel inspiration and needs.

Are you a frequent traveller, do need a planner for your business travel itineraries? There are a number of useful Apps available to sort out your travel needs.

From helping you with accommodation and destination ideas to keeping vacation checklist and scoring local travel discount. Join tons of users who can now plan trips just by the swipe of their mobile phones.

1. Google Trips:

Google Trips puts together information from your Gmail account and store them offline, ensuring you can easily access them with or without internet connection. Google Trips is a better alternative to reading through the pages of a bulky travel guide or searching through loads mails to find your reservations.

Google Trips does not only store and organize your travel information but it offers maps, customized guides and tours once you arrive at your destination. You can access special points of interests, monuments and even restaurants close to your hotel.

2. TripIt:

TripIt sorts and organizes all your travel documents and itineraries in one place. You can have your reservations sent to TripIt, as this enables you access flight itineraries, travel confirmations, rental car reservations, driving directions and a number of others in one place. The app also makes it perfectly easy to share your trip plans with whoever needs to know your travel plans.

3. Packing Pro:

Are you sorted with your travel plans and would like to start packing for your trip? Packing Pro can help organize your luggage with a useful checklist that sorts what you’ll need for your trip by category. The App takes into account the number of days required for your trip, the destination you are heading to as well the weather condition of your destination. There is packing list to to remind you of important thing you will need for your trip and several other succinct details you may need to sort out before your travel can be documented. The App is only available to users on Apple devices.

4. Jumia Travel App:

Jumia Travel is Africa’s leading travel platform. Travellers are privy to various exotic destinations and can score great local discounts on accommodation and flights. Jumia Travel App comes in handy for making the perfect travel plans, seeing the hotel amenities and local attractions within your destination.

5. Billige Lejebiler

This Danish service provider offers cheap car rental in Denmark, and even covers many other European countries should you feel the need for a cross-border roadtrip.

6. Trip Advisor:

The TripAdvisor app is just great, travellers have access to over 200 million reviews and suggestions. You can also easily get the lowest airfare and best hotels on the platform. If you are out of ideas on on local attractions and the best restaurants at your destination, the app offers insights and several suggestions. You can easily filter for restaurants at your destination based on price and ratings. You can add your reviews to and pictures on your trip to help other travellers. You can download the App from iTunes or Google Play.

7. Trip Hobo:

Trip Hobo is a hotel booking tool that doubles as a trip planner. Using Trip Hobo, you can create a custom travel itinerary with just a few simple steps and share your travel itinerary with others. You will need to choose your travel destination and pick out attractions you’re like to visit, and then TripHobo will sort out the attractions for you. You can then share your itinerary with others.

When you have no idea where to go or what to see, you can also take advantage of cool itineraries other people have made and also customize their use.

8. Find En Bolig:

This website offers a great way of quickly sorting through available homes for rent in Copenhagen, and the rest of Denmark.

9. Priceline:

Are you a budget traveller looking to enjoy cheap deals on flights? Priceline is just the thing for you, it is a “name your price” for flights website. You can pick the dates you will like to fly and choose the price you want to pay for your flight ticket. Priceline then searches for flights that fit your search and price criteria. This makes searching for as easy as possible.

10. Phone Covers:

It’s important to always protect your expensive equipment, and your phone is no exception. But perhaps nowhere is it more important, than when you are travelling, as it can be the easiest way to stay connected to safety and family. One tip is to go for a Tempered glass iPhone Case rather than Luxury Cases when travelling, and use the luxury covers back home.


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