Are you finding it hard to get the attention of the audience to your content? You may think that the kind of content you are offering is unique, new and has an expert view, but still the amount of attention or conversion is not satisfactory. It happens with most of the content creators because the competition is increasing and their strategy needs some boost. The bottom line is you need to create more engaging content.

Say goodbye to the stale content strategies and embrace new content formats to get better ROI from your content strategy. Is it sounding too good to be true?

Well, here we will share the most interesting content formats which are doing wonders for many well known online businesses, bloggers, etc. These are the great content formats for content creators which will not just win the attention of your audience, but help you get leads and conversions.

At the end, you will be able to mold your content strategy using the most engaging content formats skillfully. So, let’s check these content formats which can make a positive difference to your content strategy.

  1. Infographics: Consumers still research online before they decide to make a purchase. Infographics are useful for creating awesome newsletters and blog websites, so when you share your own posts on social media it will enhance the online visibility of the content that you have created. You will get more conversions. It will help educate the audience with specific topics that are interesting for them. It will also attract organic traffic to your website.
  2. Videos: The video consumption rate has risen like anything. Videos are loved universally and 4 in 5 millennials find videos when they search about something. Unbounce stated that using videos on landing pages can improve conversion rate by 80 percent. Videos are loved by all age groups and many ‘how to videos’ are gaining more popularity and click through from the millennials.  You can also make product info and testimonials videos to get more visitors. There are so many free tools to create videos to get the attention of your desired audience.
  3. White papers: About 78percent B2B marketers agrees to the fact that whitepapers is an effective part of a content strategy to generate leads. Whitepaper is a 6 to 8 page marketing document which is useful to help a prospective customer understand an issue and how it is resolved. It can help businesses generate leads. You may think that whitepapers are for senior management and your target is customer service subordinates so how it can help you. Well, you must consider whitepapers for your content marketing plan and customize it for your needs. Till the time you are not giving jazz it will be immensely beneficial.
  4. GIF’s: GIF is an effective digital marketing approach which you can implement to your content marketing. You can tell the story more creatively and attract the attention of your audience. Combining the GIF to your content will help the reader to imagine the message that you are trying to give and the reader will be able to relate to the content more appropriately. GIF’s are attractive to share and understand.
  5. Comparison graphs: Using comparison graphs is an effective way to show your audience that why two things are different from each other and which one is the best. It gives an easy understanding of the comparison and one of the great content formats for content creators to make the content more compelling. For teaching your audience
  6. Combining data with content: You can combine data with content and showcase it in an interesting story. With real facts and figures you can talk to your audience on a particular subject and explain about the pros and cons more appropriately. The audience can crosscheck the facts and figures so make sure what you give them are fresh and up to date. Creating such content will fetch the trust of your audience and you can build your followers easily. It will help in conversions too.
  7. Parallax scrolling: Parallax scrolling is an effective web designing trend to entertain and engage the users. You can do bunch of great stuff with it. It is an interactive and vivid way to present your products. You can show the product in 3D and share your story in an ideal manner. It helps the visitors to create a sense of depth while going through the content you wish to share using parallax scrolling. You can simply draw your visitors in. For comic books this feature is extremely useful.
  8. Webinars: Webinars can fit exceptionally to your content marketing strategy. It is a fabulous affair which is inexpensive, educational and convenient. It allows marketers to reach new customers and build great relationships with the existing ones. If you can share some useful how to stuff on timely topics using webinars and move with email invitations and social media channels then you can get a whole new base of visitors. They can turn in to your loyal customers easily. With real time interactions it will be easy to build trust and relationships with the audience and later you can repurpose your ideas in series of content and break it down well to create attractive blog posts.
  9. Slide sharing: Slide sharing is a creative yet effective content format to present information about topics you want to rank higher on search engines.  It is useful in diverse ways. It provides SEO benefits and makes the information sharing pattern more precise. It gives the users exact information they need in the form of bullet points, headers, footers, titles. There will be no space for irrelevant content. Slides shows meaningful content on which you demand attention and the reader will also get precise information. If you have a slide sharing website then you will be able to optimize your profile page as well. Your profile can get more attention along with the content and it can also help you build your followers.
  10. Surveys: Last but not the least, creating different types of surveys will help you learn about the needs of the audience. One is customer satisfaction survey where you can send a survey to the customer and know their opinion about a particular product. For example, you can ask them, “Tell us your experience of using an XYZ product. Your opinion matters.”  The second type of survey is market research survey which will help you get information about your customers, suppliers, competitors, distributors, etc. You can find out about their needs, motives and opinions. For example, you can ask them, “We all like to taste different cuisines, so what is your take on Chinese food?”  Third type of survey is social and personal survey where you can ask a question to your audience and find out what they think about a subject.  For example, you can ask which type of beauty products you select and why. So, create a survey and get real time results.


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