Are you running a company or business organization that has loads of equipment & tools? Then proper preventive maintenance should be one of your major concerns in order to keep all your equipment in good working condition.

But! After periodic maintenance and repairing if maintenance results are still lower than level of satisfaction, its mean you need to pay more attention to overall process of the preventive maintenance by taking on the following tips to improve maintenance results for your organization.

Since, almost all maintenance managers look for ways to improve maintenance performance as well as to reduce the repairing costs for years to come, below are the initials steps to maintenance improvement that every type of business or company can adopt for their assets.

Set up maintenance standards

Whether your business is large or small & functional with a few assets, you should outline thorough preventive maintenance procedures and schedules along with standards for measuring performance & efficiency when creating a preventive maintenance plan to reduce the down time of assets.

Always try to build a maintenance plan which is unique and fruitful for your organization in order to get most from it.

Get all stakeholders involved

Believe me; alone CMMS software is not able to improve maintenance results but you have to get all your stakeholders involved in the process of building maintenance plan in order to make sure that software meets everyone’s needs and productive for the overall organization as well.

Through this way, you will not only be able to improve maintenance results but to reduce the asset downtime as well in order to save money for your business.

Evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses

If you are already using maintenance software but want to change it with new CMMS software in order to improve maintenance results, you must weigh up your current maintenance software’s strengths and weaknesses to decide what features of benefits the new one must have to meet the needs of your organization.

Efficient preventive maintenance & work procedures, detailed equipment maintenance history, parts inventory, and estimated maintenance costs are some of the major benefits that good CMMS software provides.

Train your employees

Whether they are equipment operators, their helpers, maintenance experts or supervisors, train all your employees in order to make them competent for successful and beneficial asset operating.

As an experienced tool or equipment operator not only makes a diagnosis for tool and fix it himself, but also own the ability to help organization prevent such events in future by providing accurate documentation regarding the recent breakdown or asset fail.

Create preventive maintenance checklist

It is a handy tool that helps the technicians or maintenance experts to go through a specific step by step process to accomplish the maintenance job efficiently.

Having a preventive maintenance checklist on hand could be one of the best ways to improve maintenance results for your organization or company.

It also can help the facility managers to demonstrate that what preventive maintenance work was performed on a specific asset and what parts are changed during the maintenance process.

Stick to a preventative maintenance schedule

Never ever wait for an asset to repair or maintain when it breaks down but make and stick to a preventive maintenance schedule in order to improve maintenance results wonderfully.

Business assets cannot last eternally but on-time and proper maintenance helps you increase life span, reduce downtime and increase the effectiveness of assets your business is using.

Modify your preventive maintenance schedule

Since CMMS software produces automated reminders and maintenance work orders for your business setting or company in order to keep you away from unexpected breakdowns, you may also need to fine tune the maintenance system in order to deal with the bulk maintenance work orders according to the strength of workforce available to perform maintenance work.

By doing so, you will be better able to manage the maintenance workload and to improve the maintenance results as well.


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