Most people know they can find people using Google, MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn etc. These are what we call social networking services and many have appeared in recent years. However, none of these sites specialize in finding people in particular, even if some of the services mentioned started out that way, they have since changed focus.

So when you are looking online and come up empty with your first few choices, what do you do?  One service called Checkthem, offers a people search that has a huge archive of personal information, helping professionals and hobby genealogists all the same. Whether you are doing a background check on a new employee, or checking out your new neighbours, the website can include stuff such as marriage and divorce records, civil lawsuit records and many other important and interesting entries.

Keep an eye on your phone calls by checking the unknown phone numbers on the website before allowing calls to go through, or check and see if the Craigslist seller is a convicted scammer. The possibilities are endless, and the customers tend to come from all walks of life and with as equally many reasons.

Since the childhood of the Internet, Internet users have exchanged opinions about large and small in the so-called newsgroups, many, many thousands divided by topic. Today personal information is available for all types of websites and individuals, not just searching in Google either.

You can even find other information such as net worth of famous people, online profiles and much more to satisfy your curiosity. Most information about people we are allowed to download in special search engines, but ‘ regular ‘ search engines such as Google are still able to find a myriad of information about all of us. Think of all the associations many of us are members of or sit on the board of. Many have member lists or board lists on the association’s website. Here we can find many small pieces that can help to draw the image of the one we are looking for.

Many people also have their own blogs that they continually write on, and many write diligently contributions to other people’s blogs. When it comes to blogs, this is one aspect people can manipulate more easily  compared to government records, so using services such as Checkthem that does not use this easily manipulated data would result in better quality.


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