It can be daunting when trying to organise any event, whether it be a wedding, birthday bash or simple gathering between friends. Knowing the basics of how to host and what to include when hosting any event is important. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a great time!

Pick a Location

Location, location, location! It doesn’t always have to be fancy, but picking the right place to host an event is one of the main things to keep in mind. Literally no one will want to attend if:

  1. They’re going to be freezing their butts off
  2. They’re going to be sweating their butts off
  3. They ‘re going to feel unsafe or potentially out of their comfort zone

Pick a place that’s going to be big enough for everyone to fit into without knocking into each other, but small enough to feel cosy and not too empty. Choosing an appropriate place for the occasion so that the guests are going to feel relaxed and able to enjoy their time is a good way to set up for a grand time.

If it is an outdoor venue, make sure to check the weather so that the guests don’t get rained on or sunburnt. If it is an indoor venue, make sure the place has good air ventilation. Make sure to choose a place that is safe and open to make everyone feel right at home.

Get Some Good Food and Drinks

Satisfy the tummy. Free food is always a win for most, tasty free food is even better. Unless it’s an actual dinner event, it’s probably best to grab things that are near effortless to make, in hardly any time. Keep in mind that most people are going to be standing so make it finger food that easy to hold and carry, nothing that gets too messy.

Most casual event foods are things like sausage rolls, potato chips and those little mini spring rolls. These can sometimes be boring, but having the right seasoning and sauces to go with them can be a total game changer.

Try to cater for everyone too! Include vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options where possible! There are plenty of simple recipes that will allow for food for everyone invited.

When it comes to drinks, provide a good range to meet the needs of everyone attending. Water is an absolute necessity. Soft drinks or juice for the kids and beer, wine and spirits for the adults that love booze!

Invest in Some Good Party Supplies

Balloons are always the basic go to when it comes to party supplies in Sydney and are found in almost every grocery store and, if you are looking for a more convenient option, online. For those wanting to go above and beyond when they’re setting up for an event, try to think of decorations that people don’t usually see.

Having a large bowl or container of sparklers or glow sticks that guests can use is a simple, cost effective way to switch up an event. Obviously if it is child orientated the sparklers might not be a good idea but glow sticks are always a favourite for both kids and adults. Literally almost everyone loves sparkly or glowing lights!

Even just stepping up the balloon game and letting the guests draw over the balloons however they want is a good way to create fun and make the guests feel like they’re contributing to the cause. Plain balloons are cheap as chips in any party supply Sydney store.

Good Music

Ever notice how in all the movies when someone is trying to shut a raging party down, the first thing they usually do is switch off the music? That’s because music is without a doubt one of the best ways to create the right feel and vibe for any event.

Awkward silences and lapses between conversations become basically non-existent when there are some good tunes playing in the background. Although it can be difficult to acquire music that everyone can bop along too, almost anything will do as long as it’s upbeat and has decent lyrics. Remember not to play it too loud so that people are yelling over each other.

Having tasty food, catchy music and good party supplies are the solid foundations of a good time. The substance of one however, does lie within the people involved. When hosting, be relaxed and try to make everyone feel welcome!


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