Jamaica offer some incredibly inviting sandy beaches, spectacular lush rainforests and plenty of festivities and colours in a true Rastafarian style. Many people think that a honeymoon to Jamaica is completely out of reach financially, but it’s not at all the case. You can easily get there for a reasonable amount of money for both you and your new spouse, including both the flight and lodgings.

Jamaica is fast becoming a very popular holiday destination for newlyweds on their honeymoon and we understand why. The unique, relaxed atmosphere that characterizes the island, in combination with stunningly beautiful tropical scenery, a strong music culture and enticing sandy beaches makes Jamaica something very special, which you do not find in many places. Bob Marley’s spirit is everywhere, and reggae music fills the air wherever you go.

The weather is warm all year round, but if possible, avoid September and October, when it rains a lot. Jamaica’s exciting culture, breathtaking hills and mountains, cascading waterfalls and tropical rainforests give you plenty of opportunities to explore and experience. You can new the beautiful Jamaican scenery by diving, hiking in the mountains, fishing, mountain biking or sailing down the enchanting rivers, you can play golf, visit historical and cultural attractions, not to mention the beautiful daily sunsets. According to a company offering professional honeymoon planning and wedding destination service, there’s a few things everybody should know about Jamaica:

The most popular beach areas are Negril with its kilometre-long white sandy beaches, the lively Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, which are particularly popular with families. It is also the areas that obviously have the most tourists, so if you would like to be yourselves, you must go to Boston Beach or Port Antonia. If you dream of a honeymoon where you can spend the days on a beautiful sandy beach under a palm tree while the waves lapping gently in the background, Jamaica is just the right destination. There are three places on Jamaica, which you must not fool yourselves for.

The old Pirate town of Port Royal in the southeast of Jamaica is a hit among cruise travelers: the city has housed legendary pirates such as Henry Morgan and Blackbeard, and once the city was known to be “the most evil city on Earth”. Several earthquakes have removed the old inns, pubs and grocery stores from the infamous Pirates ‘ time, but it is still a very special town with a sinister past. Another area of Jamaica with an intriguing story is the small village of Bath. The town boasts a number of natural healing sulphur sources, which were discovered in 1690. Book a local guide to bring you to the island’s valuable secrets or spend a few days at the Bath Fountain Hotel, located right on top of one of the sources. One cannot say Jamaica without saying Bob Marley. And one cannot visit Jamaica without visiting the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.

It is a must for reggae fans, and gives a fantastic glimpse into the unique culture and music that characterize the island. For the tones of reggae sounds everywhere. If you dream of swimming with dolphins on your honeymoon, Jamaica is not the most obvious place to travel (consider a cheap honeymoon to the Azores or Bahamas). You can, however, be lucky and experience whales and dolphins in the sea! Montego Bay Marine Park is a 26-square-kilometre nature reserve, where you have the possibility of spectacular diving experiences. Dolphins and whales are sometimes seen in the park, especially during the winter period, but dolphin and whale watching are not available, as the experience cannot be guaranteed. Dolphin Cove offers the possibility to swim with the captured dolphins of the park, but the site is given much national criticism for its capture and treatment of dolphins, and it is not advisable for biologists and other experts to support this venture.


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